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João Osório 02/11/2016 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: DARK FUNERAL + KRISIUN + ASENBLUT @ Leipzig

On the very next day after Moonspell’s gig, the locals went on another pilgrimage in search of dark side powered by the music of Dark Funeral, at the venue “Hellraiser”. This space is one of the most famous ones in Leipzig, as one might see due to the great number of shows that take place in there.

After a last minute lineup change, due to the fact that one of the musicians from Deserted Fear, whom were supposed to play, had became ill, Asenblut were called to replace them. This black/pagan/Viking metal group didn’t left its credit due and grabbed this chance to promote their most recent work “Berserker” released earlier this year via AFM records. The album came in August and has been having a welcoming feedback within the german scene and market.

The setlist during their 40 minutes performance revolved around this latest work, under the leadership of their gigantic-wise frontman. The room as already at great capacity, and the audience showed their enthusiasm during some of their best-known tracks such as “Berserkerzorn”, “Auf den Feldern von Flandern”, “Schatten über Arkham”or even “ Helden des Ewigen Sturms”, taken from their latest studio effort. Their sound is clearly inspired by Amon Amarth, and that reflects itself on their music. In the end, there was still time for the tracks “Was Angs Ist” and “Die Letzte Schlacht der Fünften” from their penultimate record, and the hymn “Asenblut” directly from their debut album.

Next up on stage was Krisiun, a brasilian death/thrash band that grabbed the audience attention right from their very first fast and furious chord. Since their first song “Kings of Killing” (taken from their 2nd studio effort) to the last “Black Force Domain” from their debut work, the band revisited their full discography for an hour long set. Tracks like “Combustion Inferno”, “Scars of the Hatred”, “Conquerors of Armageddon”, “Ways of Barbarism”, “Vengeance’s Revelation”,” Descending Abomination” or even “Blood Of Lions” made the audience thrive. However, the icing on the cake moment was their tribute cover for the song “Ace Of Spades” from the mythical band Motorhead, that was sang in one voice by the band and the crowd. Although the german crowd isn’t typically known for heavy moshing or stage diving, at least not in an indoors venue, we could tell that the show was fairly enjoyed by all. Noteworthy was also the front man’s kind and communicative disposition all throughout the show.

Last but not least, the most awaited time arrived when Dark Funeral stepped onto the stage. They were the biggest attraction of the night, as one might have seen due to the number of people who were in the venue covered in corpse paint or wearing their merch. In a stage decorated with 2 enormous crosses and pentagrams made of tin, Dark Funeral started their blasphemous act with “Unchain My Soul”, the first track from their latest record “Where Shadows Forever Reign” which came out earlier this year. Some of their oldest tracks such as “666 Voices Inside”, “Dawn no More Rises”, “The Arrival of Satan’s Empire”, “Stigmata”, “Ravenna Strigoi Mortii”, “Shadows Over Transylvania”, “Godess of Sodomy”, “Thy Legions Come” or  My Funeral were played intercalated with some of the songs from their latest album such as “As I Ascend”, “The Eternal Eclipse”and “As One Shall Conquer”. On the encore, we got the chance to listen to the tracks “Nail Them To The Cross”, “Atrium Regina” and to close the night “Where Shadows Forever Reign” which is the final song from their latest record. It was almost the perfect set list, although the song “Vobiscum Satanas” would’ve fitted nicely in this show. However, we must take note that the sound wasn’t perfect, and the voice was to low in comparison to the other instruments, something that ended up hurting Dark Funeral’s performance a bit, a problem that fortunately didn’t occurred on the other two gigs.


Words and photos by: João Osório



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