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Report: Dark Suns + Fon @ Werk2, Leipzig

João Osório 21/06/2016 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: Dark Suns + Fon @ Werk2, Leipzig
Report: Dark Suns + Fon @ Werk2, Leipzig

On the last June 10th, the presentation of the new “Everchild” album of the German band Dark Suns took place in Werk 2 Kulturfabrik, Leipzig.

Opening guest band were the FON, an alternative progressive post-rock band that fitted quite well for opening the event. Under the direction of bassist and lead singer Katharina Helmke, the other two elements (guitar and drums) and Katharina herself began to play without any delays. It turned out to be a very good performance that grew until the ninth and last song of the set. The setlist was based on the 7 songs of the EP “Solution”, which was released last year, and two new songs, “Perspective” and “Run”. A very solid performance from this young band (they’ve been around for 3 years only) which augurs good future perspectives and could provide some surprises in the German music scene.

After 20 minutes from the terminus of the Fon concert, headliners DARK SUNS took the stage. In a well composed but not sold out venue, they presented the “Everchild” album. The whole 10 songs were played, through the attentive and euphoric audience. With two keyboardists, a wind instrument section, 2 guitarists, one bassist, one drummer and Niko Knappe in great shape on vocals (vocals who impresses by his vocal skills, that range from a similar Ian Gillian to the deepest of growls). The stage was too small for so much music quality, where all musicians distilled the best of progressive metal that was made in recent years.

The encore included the instrumental “The Chameleon Defect” from the album “Grave Human Genuine”, “Toy”, a song from “Orange” and the Tori Amos cover, “Yes, Anastacia”, an “Everchild” bonus track, where the Fon singer returned to the stage (she had done backing vocals during the song “Monster”) for a duet with Niko Knappe, which ended the show.
We hope, that with this fifth original album, Dark Suns may rise a few more steps and gain international recognition like Opeth, Anathema, Katatonia or Porcupine Tree, recognition which they deserve and has been proved by their live performances.



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