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Lucifer 16/02/2014 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: IMMOLATION + BROKEN HOPE + GROG @ RCA Club

International Death metal night in central Lisbon, for our first incursion to the new club in town – RCA CLUB. NotreDamme Productions presented us with Immolation’s “European Conspiracy Tour 2014”, in a well filled venue, with a very pleasant atmosphere, and well decorated room, reminding us the old north American industrial underground clubs.

The night started with Portuguese invited band GROG, that went on stage in a time where half of the audience was still outside. Unfortunately, we were part of that outside half, and so we had to miss another intense grind core show. We hope that future dates can follow in order to emend that mistake.

Mostly because French young quartet SWEETEST DEVILRY did not fulfill all the initial needs for aggressive sound. They seemed very committed to their show, even  if the mixture of death core with some orchestral compositions appeared to still be lacking in terms of harmony. Their youth though, could guide them to better standards in the future.

And so, it turned out to be old school veterans BROKEN HOPE to first destroy the audience’s tranquillity, with a contagious performance, delivering some strong death metal. Gore gutturals and fast passages, led amongst some dragged bass moments, fulfilled the public’s need for weight. The band seemed to be living the moment and they even marked out that show as the best one of the tour that far. Their attitude in the first Portuguese soil appearance grabbed the moshpit energies and multiplied them, to create the most lively concert of that night. Hope they won’t spend another 25 years to come back.

For the closure, IMMOLATION’s headlining show had all the requisites to be positive: a powerful new album; their long-time career and an already warmed up crowd. They presented their new album “Kingdom of Conspiracy”, an effort well received by the fans, where “All That Awaits Us” and “God Complex” proved to be worth of other anthems as “Nailed to No God” or “Glorious Epoch”. It was the third time we saw these American death metal icons, in a more intimate show than the prior two occasions, where their complex technique and humility took the main role, of another competent performance. Nevertheless, they did not surprised us, and so we have to vote Broken Hope has the band of the night.

Immolation setlist:

Kingdom of Conspiracy
Majesty and Decay
What They Bring
A Spectacle of Lies
Lost Passion
God Complex
Of Martyrs and Men
Bound to Order
A Glorious Epoch
Hate’s Plague
Those Left Behind
Nailed to Gold
Challenge the Storm
All That Awaits Us
Despondent Souls

Photos courtesy of Mário Filipe Pires.



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