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Report: Kataklysm + Hypocrisy + The Spirit @ Hellraiser, Leipzig

João Osório 30/11/2018 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: Kataklysm + Hypocrisy + The Spirit @ Hellraiser, Leipzig
Report: Kataklysm + Hypocrisy + The Spirit @ Hellraiser, Leipzig

Leipzig received one of the German legs of the Hypocrisy + Kataklysm european tour. Hellraiser was the chosen venue.

So, the first band to climb the stage was The Spirit, a German black metal band whose first and only album “Sounds from the Vortex” was released last year by Eternal Echoes label. This year Nuclear Blast re-released the album with a new cover, and is promoting this album by having The Spirit accompany two metal monsters worldwide. And basically the set-list was the album in question. Although the concert was sold-out, at the first performance the venue was a 2/3 full. A good performance, very energetic, and we have the feeling that it’s a band that has the potential to grow a lot. Let’s see how the future goes for them.

The spirit

The second band to take the stage was Hypocrisy. Since they were not promoting any album, they were a little more flexible when it comes to the setlist. And boy, it was a luxurious selection. From the beginning with “Fractured Millennium” all the way to “Roswell 47” (the last one), the entire show was a parade of old classics like “Valley of the Damned”, “End of Disclosure”, “Eraser”, “Fire in the Sky”, “Killing Art”, “Warpath”, “The Final Chapter” and others. One of the highlights of the Hypocrisy concert was the medley Pleasure of Molestation / Osculum Obscenum / Penetralia, with the band’s oldest fans going nuts. “Fire in the Sky” also pulled off a smile in the face of many. Possibly a good surprise for many people. Hypocrisy did not disappoint, once again!

Since the start of the Hypocrisy show until the end of Kataklysm’s performance, the venue was totally full, making it very difficult to move around.

No bigger than the previous titans, the third and final band to perform was Kataklysm. Promoting their latest album “Meditations”. The song selection was well balanced, alternating between new songs mixed with some older classics. “Narcissist”, “Guillotine”, “Outsider”, “… And Then I Saw Blood” served as entrees to the newest record. Interspersed with “Fire”, “Thy Serpents Tongue”, “Crippled&Broken”, “In Shadows&Dust”, “Blood in Heaven“, and “At the Edge of the World”. It was difficult to top this setlist. Halfway through the show singer Maurizio Iacono said that whoever came to the stage via crowdsurfing would win a beer. Beer boxes were brought and placed on top of the stage. Until the end of the concert chaos reigned and the security forces got some work to do at the pit. Without ever stopping singing and walking around the whole stage, Maurizio handed the beers to those who came to the stage above the bars.

A great night of music, with metal spirit and camaraderie that took place on this night in Leipzig.

Photos & text by João Osório



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