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Report: Laurus Nobilis Music 2017

Filipe Gomes 02/09/2017 Festivals, Reports Comments Off on Report: Laurus Nobilis Music 2017
Report: Laurus Nobilis Music 2017

Like in previous years, this year’s edition of Laurus Nobilis Music featured a day dedicated to more extreme sounds.

Stucker had the honor of being the first metal band on the Breakthrough Stage – a novelty in the festival, living up to its motto of supporting national artists. Thrash metal from Trofa, one EP in the bag, and another one on the way… The scarce audience didn’t affect their performance and those attending seemed to have as much fun as the guys on stage.

Skinning’s debut album “Cerebral Mutilation” caused quite an impression three years ago, so this “breakthrough” thing came a tad late… but it was welcomed. A few more people had arrived meanwhile, and even if Skinning deserved more, they played as if the place was packed.

From country next door came In.Verno, a dark/gothic metal act with female clean vocals mixed with male growls. Promoting their sophomore album “The Reasonable Choice Of Insanity”, they gave a melodic touch to all the heaviness that went by that afternoon.

Dinner time but most people – now a lot larger in numbers, although  in a bigger stage so it didn’t seem like much – preferred checking out what Final Mercy had to offer, which was plenty. More than the recent release of “Revival” and the fact that they’re a local band, the reason for Final Mercy making it to the main stage resided in their thick music and intense performance.

Up next was Urban War, with their “in your face” sound and attitude on stage, performed for a slightly fuller house and a somewhat more responsive crowd. They brought us “Flesh Upon The Feelings”, their second album – released earlier this summer – which they are currently promoting. In all with was a good show that ended on a positive note with “Until It Falls”, one of the band’s most well-known tracks that caused the desired response in those in attendance of their gig.

Heavenwood need no introduction. With a respectable crowd longing for them, the band came upon stage and delivered us an intense performance – as expected – which was met in response accordingly. The chosen set list was a perfect balance between their most recent songs, taken from last year’s release “The Tarot Of The Bohemians” – such as “The Juggler”, “Empress” or “The Chariot” (played live for the first time – and some of their classics. Songs like “Emotional Wound” or “Suicide Letters” (which closed their set) were echoed in unison by the crowd in such a manner that gave you a shiver down your spine.

When the first few chords of “Under The Red Cloud” echoed lightly in distance we knew the most awaited moment of the night had finally arrived. Amorphis showed they are at the top of their game with an enthusiastic performance. “Silver Bride” served as an instant warm-up for the crowd that gathered to witness the return of these Finnish masters. Their set list covered pretty much their long list of releases, where the tracks “My Kantele”, “House Of Sleeping” or “Black Winter Day” (which closed their set on a high note) delighted the audience. In all, we can say the band left the crowd enchanted by their solid and honest performance.

Holocausto Canibal, Portuguese death/grind group, which are currently celebrating their 20th anniversary, closed the night. By the time they came upon stage the crowd had already been made scarced, but that didn’t bother the band at all. They delivered a fast and brutal performance and even caused some chaos in the audience that resisted until the very end.

Photos by: Filipe Gomes and Rita Limede

Text by: Rita Limede and Renata Lino

Special thanks to: Laurus Nobilis Music organization



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