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Report: Leprous + Blindead + Nebulous @ TOCA, Braga

Filipe Gomes 07/11/2013 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: Leprous + Blindead + Nebulous @ TOCA, Braga
Report: Leprous + Blindead + Nebulous @ TOCA, Braga

It was on a very rainy night of November 1st, that the Northern city of Braga, Portugal hosted what could later be considered “a night to remember”. Norwegian Avantgarde Progressive Metal act Leprous brought Polish Blindead along with them, and Nebulous, a Portuguese Djent collective was responsible to be the first band to play.

Apparently unknown to most of the audience, Nebulous were a pleasant surprise. The band took some time to seem comfortable on stage, but once this issue was solved, these Portuguese fellas delivered a great Djent show. Very tight and precise, something essential in this kind of music, it didn’t take long for people to start following the grooves with their heads during the performance of songs such as “Dharma”, “Nausea” or “Gaea”. Featuring a vocalist, something not as common in Djent music as one might think, the growling actually fit the complex rhythms of their skilled drummer quite efficiently. The band finished with “Sorah”. A powerful show by this band who already has an album released in digital format, available for download at the band’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nebulouspt

After a while, Blindead came to the stage. Coming from Poland, this Progressive Doom Metal group doesn’t need to say a word in between songs. Due to the fact that this band’s performances are all planned to the second, the audience was gifted with videos in the back of the stage. These videos fit the music perfectly, exposing how fragile humans can be, and how depressive states of mind can affect Man. The whole show was a long yet not boring journey into sadness and hopelessness, in which the vocalist Nick expressed all these feelings in his own apathic way. Presenting the new album “Absence”, the entire performance was focused on the band’s conceptual album previously mentioned, so the setlist was just like the journey in the album: “b₆”, “s₁”, “e₅”, “n₄”, “c₇”, “e₂” and finishing with “a₇bsence”. Great show from these Polish guys.

After the wall of sound of the previous concert, Leprous were highly awaited. Not like the previous bands, in this band, vocals take a big roll and make a huge difference. The first 4 songs were taken from the band’s new album “Coal”, a fantastic record of Avantgarde Progressive Metal which makes you discover new details in every song everytime you listen to it again. So just like the album, the show started with “Foe” which ends with a very creative vocal part, followed by the 9 minute-long epic “The Valley”, a great song where the singer Einar shines with his magnificent voice. Even though there wasn’t many people in the audience, which is a total shame, the band gave all they had, putting up a very impressive technical show. Special mention to Baard Kolstad, a very young and talented drummer, know for his street drumming performances, who is doing the tour instead of Tobias. The flawless performance continued on with the singles from the latest 2 albums: “The Cloak” and “Restless”, songs featured in “Coal” and “Bilateral”, respectively. Enjoying from great sound conditions, Einar would sometimes take the normal lead as frontman, leaving the keyboards and taking just the microphone. After more than one hour, it was time to end with two slower songs, “Echo” and “Contaminate Me”, which has the most suitable conclusion. Even though there wasn’t much verbal communication with the audience, the chemistry between band and people was obvious. A top quality show by these Norwegians, definitely a band which is still underrated and deserves a lot more exposure from the media.

In conclusion, this was a night to remember for a long time, another great quality event organized by SWR inc ( http://www.swr-inc.net ).
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