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Report: LINDA MARTINI @ Salão Brazil

Filipe Gomes 02/04/2014 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: LINDA MARTINI @ Salão Brazil
Report: LINDA MARTINI @ Salão Brazil

Salão Brasil, the well known venue located downtown in Coimbra hosted a sold out show which brought once again the sensation alternative Rock band Linda Martini to the city that is know as the City of Students.

Starting of with the progressive instrumental “Queluz Menos Luz”, which works great as an intro or interlude, the band quickly asked the organizers to switch of the lamps in the venue, to have a darker ambient light. The angry “Juarez” was the first introduction to the new album “Turbo Lento”. The audience was just warming up, as the band members were constantly trying to make the fans move more and more, whil they were jumping from one release to the other by the means of “Nós os outros”, “Cronófago” and “Panteão”.
After a while, before starting to play a pair of calmer songs, the band asked the audience in the front rows was asked to sit down on the floor, so that the second half of the audience could see something from the back. This was the time to play “Estuque” (by far the best moment in the whole night) followed by “A corda do elefante sem corda”. As the show went on, people started gradually to stand up to witness one of the best songs from the second record “Casa Ocupada” entitled “Juventude Sónica”.
The ending period of the concert was very strong as a tribute to Nirvana took place with the help of everyone, a very angry and out of control “Territorial Pissings” cover shook the whole place and was the most intense moment in the whole show.

Sadly, the band ended the performance playing “Cem Metros Sereia” which let some people down due to the fact that neither “Amor Combate” nor “Dá-me A Tua Melhor Faca” were delivered.
But overall, it was a great concert by a band that has a contagious energy and has proven it’s value over the years.

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