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Lucifer 26/11/2014 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: MARCHE FUNÉBRE + AGONIA @ Side B

Side B hosted a sincere Doom metal night last Friday, joining Portuguese newcomers AGONIA to Belgium quick ascension band MARCHE FUNÉBRE.

We were not expecting a full venue and our expectations got confirmed, even if the space available would eventually become flooded when full with dark thoughts. Firstly with AGONIA, a new project by the same guys from O Cerco, that has impressed us in the last year. They had a song available online (“A Dissolução Final) from their first EP “O Desvanescer”, and from it we could already expect an extreme dark content. But live, this trio created an even more intense sensation, profiting from a perfect sound to make us balance in a black limbo sustained above the deep abyss that stands below our feet. The band presents their sound as cataclysmic doom, with an isolationist perspective that we totally communed live, as we found ourselves deeply inebriated by the extreme dark sound which AGONIA played on stage convincingly.

Belgium doom/death band MARCHE FUNÉBRE came to Portugal for a two date’s weekend, playing in two of the most active live music spots in our country: Side B and Metal Point.

At Benavente, they saw Agonia perform a very intimate and intense experience, so they had to give their best to, at least, be at the same level. Presenting their latest effort “Roots of Grief”, they followed the album track list, starting with the complete songs “These Fevered Days”, and “As in Autumn”, before a passage by their French speaking roots with “L’avenue des cœurs passés”. Besides a well oiled stage presentation, the Belgium quintet benefitted from a good sound, mixing clear voices and gutturals, as well as slower passages with old school death metal compasses.  “Roots of Grief” was one of its examples, before one Paradise Lost cover from “As I Die”, showing a collective always very close to the audience. Towards the end “The Dark Corner” got some more intensity on stage as “Crown of Hope” would eventually end sadly that concert, leading us in a literal road to Death.

MARCHE FUNÉBRE has gained their own space in some traditional doom/death scene, and last Friday we found out live the reason why. This was just the beginning of three months marked by a strong doom feeling in the Lisbon area, continuing next 13th December with Process of Guilt at Side B, before a dark February with Under the Doom Festival at Burning Light Festival at RCA Club.



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