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Report: MOITA METAL FEST 2016 – Day 2

Report: MOITA METAL FEST 2016 – Day 2

After a very successful evening, it was time for round two of Moita Metal Fest. A day filled with 12 bands of different styles ranging from hardcore to black metal, and a lot of beer and camaraderie.

Day 2

The second day started off with Mindtaker, a young group that is starting to be the talk of the town. With a more thrash metal vibe, they gave a good show, whereas they played some of their original tracks such as “I’m the Kid” or “Fuck Off”, despite the room being almost empty.

Don’t Disturb My Circles was next, and were able to captivate the attention of a few curious ones. With a more experimental sound, inside the post-hardcore spectrum, they played their debut work “Lugubrious Cacophonus”, released last year, in full.

Martelo Negro and their dirty rotten black n roll were a blast. Their songs are in Portuguese, so the spirit of decay feels even stronger, just like some of us really like it, and the chosen set list delivered it well. A female touch in the track “Hierofante Em Chamas”, by the voice of Carina Domingues (Disthrone) was one the highlights of the gig.

HochiminH’s crowd wasn’t as big as Martelo Negro’s but it was just as intense. Despite being around for 15 years, their sound was a bit too modern for the majority of Moita Metal Fest attendees, yet there was still a handful of fans keeping the mosh alive and even singing along to every lyric. And the band delivered an energetic show, that ended with the classic “Way Of Retain”.

The crowd gathered tighter in front of the stage to welcome Grankapo. And then scattered to “dance around”, as requested by singer Fuck. Considered one of the most notable hardcore acts of our underground, Moita witnessed them living up to such reputation. Songs such as “Left For Dead” or “Grankapo” – the latter dedicated to “all of you” – caused quite a riot.

Afterwards it was time for the old school death metal moment of the day with Dementia 13’s gig. They received a warm welcome, and the stage front quickly turned into a war zone that lasted throughout the entire set. It was the first show with their new front man and drummer, and they seem really embedded in the group. Although they have “Ways Of Enclousure”, a new album released late last year to promote, some of the older songs from their EP “Tales For The Carnivorous” such as “There Are Those Who Kill Violently” or “Brotherhood Of The Flesh” were not forgotten.

WEB may be around for 30 years, but they are clearly young and fresh in spirit. After the release last year of “Everything Ends” the band returned the stages better than ever and this gig is proof of that. With a great sense of humor and energy to spare they played to a smaller crowd than before, some were having dinner and recuperating from the chaos that ensured earlier, but the reception they got was as intense. Other than the tracks from their latest release, some classics like “Mortal Soul” or “Resilient Casket” were also played.

Some technical problems delayed Hills Have Eyes’ gig, resulting in a shorter set than they were supposed to play. But that only motivated them to make the best of their time – which they always do, one way or the other. Although the sound of the guitars was a little fuzzy, and Fábio’s voice was occasionally unheard, they put up one hell of a party. Both they and the fans, with a couple of them even climbing on stage and doing backing vocals. Their third album “Antebellum” has been critically acclaimed since its released last October, but it’s still the title-track of the previous one, “Strangers”, that closes their shows.

Simbiose the crust/grind veterans were up next. Once more, the moshpits were there from start to finish, as well as many stage divers, most of whom helped by the lead singer, who gladly encouraged these activities.  Due to their extensive discography, their set list ranged from some of its most well know tracks such as “Drowning in Shit”, “Naked Mental Violence” or “Terrorismo de Estado”, to some tracks from their latest release “Trapped” that came out last year.

Haemorrhage and their blood-soaked grind continued the party and the appetite for destruction. Known for their lyrics about surgical trauma, they dressed the part and played in blood covered scrubs. With the help of anatomically correct plastic props like a severed leg, they gave an extra touch of gore to some of the tracks. Songs like “Open Heart Butchery”, “Disgorging Innards”, “Decom-posers” or “I’m A Pathologist” were just a small part of a long set list that surely pleased their fans.

Mythical punk act The Parkinsons have always been famous for their irreverence and chaotic live performances so, as expected, this show was no exception. After a long period of hiatus the Portuguese (but London based) group had their live return, and its debut in Moita Metal Fest. For the ones who weren’t familiar with the band, their attitude might have came as a surprise. The audience responded well to the band’s on point stage presence and electrifying performance, in the middle of huge mosh pits and constant stage diving (some of which by their lead singer). Tracks like “New Wave” or “Nothing to Lose” were not forgotten.

Finally the most awaited moment of the day arrived! Tankard unleashed beer-flavored mayhem upon an eager and tireless crowd, who created the biggest circle pit of this year’s edition. The return of the legendary Teutonic 4 thrashers to Portugal, completely met the high expectations surrounding this gig. Songs like “The Morning After”, “Die With A Beer In Your Hand” or “R.I.B. (Rest In Beer)” were echoed in one voice, especially in the chorus, by the audience, which resulted in an intense energy flow that gave you the chills. No one really seemed to see the end of the party, so the band returned for an encore to gave us a few more minutes of fun, with the emblematic songs “A Girl Called Cerveza” and “Metal to Metal”. A perfect ending for an extraordinary and successful edition of Moita Metal Fest. Until next year!

Words and Photos by: Rita Limede and Renata Lino

Special thanks to: Switchtense and Moita Metal Fest

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