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Report: Moita Metal Fest Day #2

Filipe Gomes 24/04/2015 Festivals, Reports Comments Off on Report: Moita Metal Fest Day #2
Report: Moita Metal Fest Day #2

Day 2

The second day had its kick start with BORDERLANDS, a young metalcore group. The room was still half empty, but that didn’t stop them to give their best.  Next up was ANALEPSY. The group never disappoints when playing live, and their unique style of slam/brutal death metal caused the first chaotic moshpit of the day. From Coimbra arrived DESTROYERS OF ALL, a band that fits in perfectly with the spirit of the festival. They continued the wave of destruction that started in the previous show and delighted the audiences, making it seem that 30 minutes was not enough. Their show ended with the first wall of death of the day. COLOSSO have such an amazing power and brutality live, their show was one hell of a surprise. They continued the wave of destruction in the crowd started by the previous acts.

Next was time for ALBERT FISH and their punk rock vibe. A break from the heaviest sound from the previous bands, but was nonetheless a very interesting show. With two studio albums in their name KARNAK SETI came all the way from the island of Madeira to show the audience what they do best. A faster and heavier pace than the previous act made the mosh pits return. CROSSED FIRE was next. The group presented their latest studio record, “Life’s a Gamble”, in a crowded room, whereas their stoner groove made a mark. WAKO is a group that never disappoints. A name always present in the Portuguese scene that draws the attention, and the appetite for destruction of the audience. It was just another energetic show from them. MISS LAVA had groove, and a more relaxed vibe.

GROG was probably one of the biggest highlights of the night. A massive discharge of powerful music, it’s the best way to describe their show. The crowd went wild, and looked like they were on an adrenaline rush. Crowd surfing, stage diving and the biggest mosh pits of the night accompanied the musical violence tone set by the band. Songs like “Inhuman Nature”, “Necro Geek” and “Odes to the Carnivorous” were responsible for that same brutality. ONSLAUGHT came all the way from the UK to take the festival by storm. The eager to see them was immense, and from the moment they played the first notes the crowd went completely wild. The band responded very well to the ambiance and had an amazing presence upon stage. Tracks like “66’Fuckin’6”, “Killing Peace” or “The Sound of Violence” were a perfect fit.

BIZARRA LOCOMOTIVA closed down the night. With a great deal of theatrics and decadence, these veterans of the Portuguese scene enchanted. They presented their latest record, “Mortuário” that was released a few months before the show. The set-list also included some of the group’s more iconic songs like “O Anjo Exilado” or “A Procissão dos Édipos”. Despite being a long day, no one showed any signs of wanting to slow down the pace. What a great and intense performance! It was the perfect ending for a great night filled with great shows, which demonstrates the quality of the groups that usually make Moita Metal Fest’s billing, and are turning it in a mandatory point of passage for everyone in the Portuguese metal scene.

The dates for next year’s edition are already set (1st and 2nd of April), so stay tuned!

Text by Rita Limede
Photos by FG Photo (



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