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Report: MONARCH + TEETHING and more @ RCA Club

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Report: MONARCH + TEETHING and more @ RCA Club

What about une matinee noir au centre ville? Well, we sure know that dark events such as Monarch’s appearance in Lisbon should deserve a more latter schedule. But, let’s be honest, everything went fine at RCA Club, Saturday, the 22th February.

The first live ever appearance of ONIROMANT marked the birth of another interesting national doom project. Led by the multifacetated J.G., this trio presented a fine blend of hefty sludge / doom, relieved here and then by some atmospheric passages. Continuous riffs were played with such intensity that the frontman had to deal with some technical problems, soon resolved, in a very promising first gig by these doomsters.

Goodlife HQ decided to mix different sonorities in this event, and so DON’T DISTURB MY CIRCLES (DDMC) hardcore came with no surprise, when some natural light was still entering the room. We’ve had our issues with hardcore sonorities, but fortunately DDMC decided to avoid some clichés, by putting some balanced riffs between the chaotic faster parts, and so our first live contact with the band could not end negatively.

 DSCF4697           DSCF4701            DSCF4717            DSCF4735

        Oniromant                            Oniromant                               DDMC                                          DDMC

Harder and stronger was the strike from ATENTADO, promoting their last effort “Antagonist”. This was the second time we saw them live, and they seemed more accurate in their sound and performance, even if presenting a new guitar player. Crust/Core should be the best way to define their actual sound, where speed, chaos and aggression are always present. One Discharge cover and some political criticism were other marks to retain.

But the dimension of Chaos was only getting warmer, once Spanish TEETHING surprised everyone with a brutal performance, led by a mad frontman. Fast grindcore and some powerviolence were the sounds; chaos and craziness was the attitude, especially from the singer, always at the edge of the stage, and also out of it, including with a jump to the bar. Great performance and presence, from a band whose name should be retained.

DSCF4746     DSCF4763     DSCF4772     DSCF4795     DSCF4800      DSCF4801

    Atentado                 Atentado                Atentado                 Teething                 Teething                 Theething

It started with doom, it will finish with doom. Great expectation to see French drone act MONARCH for the first time, in a room with the right ambience. As expected, only red demonical lights came from stage, where the burning candles announced the underground level of the cult we were about to whiteness. It was a dedicated performance, which unleashed a very dark cloud over Lisbon during one hour. Ultra dragged riffs and heavy drums filled the space where Eurogirl was shouting her paranoid insanity, to create a very special dark moment for us. As usual, an accelerated cover was played before the end, this time with Turbonegro’s “I got Erection”. And let’s face it: it’s always better to ear this sentence coming from a lady’s mouth isn’t it?…

                     DSCF4899                DSCF4866                DSCF4846

                          Monarch                                       Monarch                                      Monarch



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