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Report: MORBID SPRING FEST @ RCA Club, Lisbon

Rita Limede 19/04/2016 Festivals, Reports Comments Off on Report: MORBID SPRING FEST @ RCA Club, Lisbon
Report: MORBID SPRING FEST @ RCA Club, Lisbon

First time of Stone The Crow Productions at RCA, and the name of the event was Morbid Spring Fest, counting on the billing with 4 very interest Portuguese bands, some of the best by now in the underground scene. They got the crowd curious about this, so this is how it went.

The crowd started getting around the stage on time, as Trepid Elucidation had the honor to open this event with their death metal, most technical based on Death but also brutal, blinking an eye to something more extreme as we could hear in their single “Diminished Into a Spacetime Interval”, showing up a band leaded by Diogo Santana and João Jacinto on guitars, that the crowd seemed to enjoy, and has everything to evolve into something really interesting, has their only second debut left us thirsty for more of their blood lust.

Following up the great warm up, Burn Damage leaded by the crushing attitude of their vocalist Inês, started to gather around the stage more people that started to get involved in the fest, and getting really into the sound of the band that showed a very skilled grooved metal, with a pinch of death here and there. The presence on stage of these fellows was good, and songs like songs like “Burn’em All”, and “Total Chaos” from their EP “Reborn”, sure captivate even the most skeptical who didn’t knew the band, that also promote some songs of their new record to be released in September.

Moonshade, talented band from Porto for the first time in Lisboa, presented us with their melodic death metal that received a lot of enthusiasm from the crowd showing songs from their EP “Dream | Oblivion”. The band performed a great set full of energy, vibe, and letting all the elements of their music coming alive on stage. The audience felt clearly that they’ve seen something really different from everything that nowadays is going on the Portuguese underground scene, not only by the great presence of the vocalist Ricardo Pereira, but also by the talented guitar players Pedro Quelhas and Daniel Laureano.

As headliners of the night, performing songs from both albums “Sidereal Passage”, and “Auguring the Dusk of a New Era”, Female front voiced by Sofia Silva, the band Neoplasmah performed a very good show, which seemed a challenge for them also, playing songs that they’ve not played live for so long. The audience got really into their show, and really enjoyed songs like “Stargate to Infinity”, “Realm of the Lost Souls”, “Ravishing Theatre of Chaos”, “Mummified in Hybrid Plasma”, and “Shores of the Cosmic Ocean”, proving the mastery of their guitar duo Vitor Mendes and José Marreiros, and Alexandre Ribeiro on bass.

These bands that entertained the first edition of Morbid Spring Fest, are some of the few that show that the Portuguese metal scene is possibly better than ever, and it’s in events like these that we could hear great bands that have a lot of will to do things, and playing well in nice cozy conditions. The organizers, that took this step for the first time, must be really proud to put up an event surrounded not only by friends, but mainly by people with a big metal heart in their chests.

Words by: Daniel Lemminkäinen

Photos by: Marta Louro (originally published at Rock n’ Heavy)

Special thanks to: Stone The Crow – Productions



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