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Lucifer 12/04/2014 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: MORTE INCANDESCENTE + INFRA @ Fantasma

Middle of the week underground night in central Lisbon, opening the ceremonies of Associação Fantasma Lusitano, in a dark and narrow alley at Cais do Sodré. Old building, recently renovated, with a concrete wall presentation that fools no one: here is where the conceivers of the Idea want to hold some infamous underground events in our capital. So thank you for that.

On a Thursday night, two bands from Lisbon transformed that street in to an ever more dark location. Firstly with INFRA, playing a 30 minutes set. Those who’ve seen them at EXTREME METAL ATTACK two weeks before knew what to expect: dark and rotten death metal, marked by a permanent touch of cavernous down tempo guitars that in some moments reach some faster blackened parts. If the first time they’ve impressed us with the original sound approach, this time they were more direct; more distant from a crowd that, even though close to the band, couldn’t do anything to minimize the negativity coming from the stage. A third rotten ritual is already scheduled in Infra’s coffin: with mighty Incantation at Side B, in June.

It’s been a while since we’ve last seen MORTE INCANDESCENTE. Maybe nine months or so. Since then not that much as changed. That is to say that they continue to present the morbid quality of before. On Thursday the third April, Morte Incandescente played with J.D. replacing the usual Angel-O on the bass guitar, and the desecration as started with “Relampagos e Suspiros” and the oldies “Rancor Fulminante” and “Forgotten”, before the first presentation of the new song “O Sol Não Nasce Mais”. During the concert, that good old rotten black metal feeling was splattered everywhere, with the help of a clear sound and the ideal crowd conditions. Some traditional anthems were also part of the menu (“Necromaníaco” “Pela Noite Dentro” or “Black Skull Crushing Metal”), alongside with some songs to be included on the forthcoming album, such as “Blood Fountain”, where some Celtic frost influences appeared.

It was an extended setlist from them, which kept everyone inside communing Morte Incandescente’s necro and black way of life. The band will assault this summer some international stages, such has Under the Black Sun festival, and they seem to be perfectly fit for that battles.



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