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Report: Mosher Fest 2015

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Report: Mosher Fest 2015

Just like the clothing brand, the Mosher Fest sees it’s 2nd year of existence. Organized by the Mosher Clothing™ founder Rui Alexandre (also known for his guitar work in the Thrash squad Terror Empire), this year the fest took place in the Cascata Club. Cascata used to be known as Le Son, a venue dedicated to live music that was very active until mid-2000’s. This place received highly respected Metal bands such as Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated and many more. It was nice to see that, after all these years, the place still rocks and it is a shame that more heavy music events don’t take place in a region that is in need of a steady venue to welcome tours and local bands.

The concept of the the festival is to bring heavy acts, different from each other, to please all the different kinds of moshers. Difficult to achieve? Yes. Impossible? Definitely not, and this is a good example of it! Let’s check the band roster… among the Thrash acts, one can also find a Grind/Death metal and a Hardcore band. Nobody complains, everybody’s happy, everybody moshes!

Due to some late time changes in the band lineup, For The Glory had the task of starting the moshpit. Even though they were the “outsider” band when it comes to sonority, Ricardo and friends didn’t have much difficulty to start the moshing activities in the audience. Playing songs such as “All The Same” and “Some Kids Have No Face” made the audience move violently pretty much during the whole show. A positive aspect to note about this band is the communication in-between songs supporting the union of all the metalheads and hardcore fans, and in a more serious tone, the terrorist attacks that took place in Paris, which received a big round of applause. “Survival Of The Fittest” made everyone sweat a little bit more. This was a good start to what would be a night to remember.

Coming next were Mutant, formerly known as Mutant Squad. After playing a great show in the Vagos Open Air festival, these guys were back. Right in the beginning a technical problem: the guitar strap holder snapped out of Pla’s guitar, which made him in a humorous way ask if could he play seated. After that, everyone in the room was presented with 40 minutes of intense progressive Thrash Metal with a lot of feeling and great musicianship. Mutant has a special vibe when they’re on stage… even though they’re a trio, they do enough racket on their own, specially because of their groovy compositions and catchy ideas, for example in songs such as “Rage of Ohms” or “Cult Of Ignorance”, both taken from 2013’s “Titanomakhia”.

Like previously mentioned, some lineup changes took place, so headliners Dew Scented took the stage by assault in 3rd place. With 23 years of existence, the band which always starts their album titles with the letter “I” were kind enough to have a chat with us, an interview which you can find in our website. “Intermination” is the new album which the band is currently touring and playing live. Obviously anticipated, the band didn’t need much time to start spreading chaos in the Cascata club, right through the first track “On a Collision Course”. Luckier than the previous bands, there were no major technical issues, so Dew Scented did what they pretty much do best: Bang their heads along with the rest of the audience and playing a great show for about an hour long. For sure these German veterans won’t forget this gig.

Holocausto Canibal, the Portuguese grind monolith were next on the bill. Rather quickly, this band showed no mercy for the living souls who were still on their feet after the Dew Scented beating. Things started well, with “Lactofilia Destalhada” and “Mutilada em 10 segundos” but unfortunately they were the target of bad luck: one of the guitarists had serious technical problems which forced him to leave the stage, leaving only 1 guitar to back up everything. But that didn’t seem to intimidate them, as they’re used to this kind of problem, so despite of being one member short, H.C. gave all they had, and left their sweat and blood (almost literaly) on stage. Of course “Empalamento” their famous hit couldn’t be left out and was curiously included in the first part of their setlist. After that, some more technical issues, this time with the bassdrum that seemed to be slipping. This wasn’t an easy show, that’s for sure. Still, after 12 years Holocausto Canibal were back in Coimbra to tear the same venue down. Just don’t let another 12 years pass by, ok?

Finally, last but not least, the “band of the house”: Terror Empire. Also, it’s the group in which the organizer plays, so it makes perfect sense to close a great night like this. Unfortunately due to the late hours, some people were already gone, which led to the venue being about 2/3 full. The show started just like their latest album with “The Empire strikes…” followed by “Black” and “The Servant”. Guitarist Rui was wearing a PSG jersey as a tribute to the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks. Later in the middle of the show there was time for a small but important speech about union and friendship. There were some guest, like Raça from Revolution Within or Marco Fresco from the band Tales For The Unspoken. Even though there were technical issues, specially with the drums, the concert was very good, full of the typical energy that Terror Empire has already got us used to. Rui was surprised with an awesome birthday cake too.

In conclusion, technical problems apart, it was a night to remember, the first in this venue. Some details can be improved but nothing major. If this keeps going as it is, Mosher Fest has everything to become one of the “must go” festivals of the country.




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