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Report: NECROS CHRISTOS + LUX FERRE + INFRA @ Side B, Benavente

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Report: NECROS CHRISTOS + LUX FERRE + INFRA @ Side B, Benavente

In a weekend with an other event claiming the spotlights of the media attention, we kept faithful to our convictions and drove to Benavente for a night where an appealing line-up was ahead of us.

INFRA were the ones with opening credits and started not much after the scheduled hour. They occupy an unparallel seat in the Portuguese extreme music panorama, having their occult Death Metal already signed by N.W.N! Last Friday saw another dedicated performance from the Lisbon trio with the already consensual “Communion” at first, before the next three tracks among which “Perversion of Sulphur”. Albeit some sound problems, especially with the micro causing an entire second track without voice, they added an impressive iron structure to their stage presentation, recreating their logo.  Probably the cold outside had some influence on their colder performance once they seemed more distance from the audience than usual.

LUX FERRE came next with one of last year’s most impressive albums: “Excaecatio Lux Veritatis”. The first thing to be noticed is that they have a new drummer. On the one hand it always sounds rare when a new drummer joins the band to tour a new album that was recorded by the former drummer. On the other hand it gives a sense of novelty and dynamics to the live performance. Albeit at first it did sound a little bit fuzzy, by the time “Não há Salvação” was played we did notice the difference. A not so by the book drums exhibition.

For the rest it was a very consistent presentation of the new album, where “A Luz Ofuscante da Verdade” takes the lead role. We do consider it to be one of the best songs written last year. Keeping J. Goat as session guitarist, thus playing twice in one hour, LUX FERRE keeps being a band more recommendable to listen at home, but they really have improved their live gigs. The final with a track taken out from “Antichristian War Propaganda” proved that they haven’t lost the taste for speed.

And the German masters finally returned to Portugal, five years after their memorable debut at SWR Barroselas. With a considerable mileage on their résumés the fact that they probably expected a wider audience didn’t stop them from delivering a very competent show. Distinguishable leader Mors Dalos Ra led the band for one hour, marching at the sound of occult opus such as “Tormented Flesh on the Mount of Crucifixion” or “Christ was not of Goatborn Blood”. Some older statements have also appeared, with the mighty “Baptized by the Black Urine of the Deceased” as the darkest moment. Their second full length “Doom of the Occult” was not forgotten, having “Baal of Ekron” starting the second part of a show that grabbed the attention till the end. There NECROS CHRISTOS didn’t seem hard to convince when an encore was demanded, returning to stage for a final and pleasant song.

And that was it. True – we had more chaotic and energetic nights at Side B. But don’t undervalue the quality of the three performances that left a stain of black blood on our vests. Next time why don’t you try to show up and mess around a little?



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