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Report: Once Upon the End + Rest in Furia @ Le Flow, Paris

Filipe Gomes 22/05/2019 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: Once Upon the End + Rest in Furia @ Le Flow, Paris
Report: Once Upon the End + Rest in Furia @ Le Flow, Paris

On March 23th, the houseboat “Le Flow” in Paris was housing the second round of the “Emergenza Festival”. The concept is to give garage bands the possibility to get on great stages (though with short sets) through a contest with several rounds. This night was a heavy one with four of eight bands being Rock/Metal (others were rap or pop).

It all started smoothly with post-rockers These·Titans·Were·Silent. Then things got serious when Rest in Furia stepped onstage. Imagine Machine Head kind-of heavy guitars mixed with Gojira vocals and drums. The public spent the next 25 minutes headbanging while the musicians clearly enjoyed delivering the goods.

Their lyrics are mostly a furious cry against the modern society. The first song, “Stuck”, was written amidst daily news of terror attacks and riots. “Out of the Kingdom” condemns the fact that we are raised as puppets to follow the rich and the powerful. We can also feel the catharsis those songs represent in “Not Me”, which is about searching for something to hang on instead of drowning inside; “Mockery” tells of betrayal by trusted ones; and “Savage” describes how one feels when living in an environment they don’t belong to.

Thanks to their groovy violence, Rest in Furia reached the 5th place, which was unfortunately not enough to get to the next step. They have released their first EP, “Welcome”, a few months ago; check it out on Spotify or Bandcamp!

After a horror-punk break by Sleazyz, it was time for Once Upon the End to defend their own melodic yet brutal sound. This band mixes death metal with powerful groove or even black metal to deliver songs with various diverse atmospheres. Dressed in dark and dirt, they changed the chilled boat on the Seine into the Flying Dutchman in a couple of minutes after a few killer riffs and raw energy were released. The guitars meticulously dissected the public’s ears while the singer flew from black metal screams to death metal growls and even some goth laments! The fretless bass added quite interesting sonorities to this maelstrom as well.

Starting with an epic journey to Middle Earth, they conquered the crowd with the strong “Free Like the Wind”. Then, they told us the violent story of the young Papin sisters, the 1933 French murderous maids, with “Killer Sisters”. “The Altar” was next, a thrashing tribute the old gods of metal that quickly resulted in moshpits. Their last song was at the core of their image. “Dying Concrete” is a post-apocalyptic song about the end of Nature and Humanity, killed by our urban madness.

It was a really powerful show that sent them right to the next round! They will defend the Parisian metal scene in May, among all the popular music. Their first EP, “Prelude”, is available in every digital platform, check it out and give them your support!

Text & Photos by Rémi Tollov
Managing editor: Filipe Gomes



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