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Report: Orphaned Land + Stimmgewalt Choir + Molllust + Leaves @ Cinema São Jorge

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Report: Orphaned Land + Stimmgewalt Choir + Molllust + Leaves @ Cinema São Jorge

With Orphaned Land on their first ever acoustic tour and after a successful performance this last summer at Vagos Open Air, it was not a surprise to hear that the venue was sold out for this evening. With them, 2 other bands and a choir were making their way to Portugal and to Cinema São Jorge, an intimate yet not that small venue, perfect for the evening that was about to commence.

LEAVES came from Barcelona and, in an evening of firsts, this was their first time in Portugal. With a small setlist, they presented us with themes from their two records and where very well received by the audience in an already almost full room. With a voice that made us think, at times, of Anneke – and we say this in all the good ways possible – their 30 minute performance went by to fast, we would dare to say. They ended with “Honestly” and we’re sure they’ve left some fans behind.

After a short change over, MOLLLUST were now gracing the stage with their classical instruments, beautiful garments and their very own “opera metal”. The main focus of their performance was their latest record, “In Deep Waters”, with the band showing their undisputed musical abilities, always interacting with their audience and also amongst themselves, bringing a theatrical and somewhat humorous side to their performance . One of the highlights of their setlist was the trilogy, also from their latest record, “Voices of the Dead”, “Paradise on Earth” and “Spring” and also “Ave” by Bach, their countryman, towards the end of the setlist.

Before it was time for the final act to come on stage, the STIMMGEWALT CHOIR came on stage and delighted everyone with their powerful vocals and great mood! They sure know how to sing and also how to be on stage. Starting with “Engel” by Rammestein and ending with “Beer, beer, beer” with a wink to Grave Digger’s “Rebellion” in the middle, their performance ended to much applause. It was impossible not to smile and to admire the quality of their work. They were not yet ready to leave, sharing the stage with the headliners for the evening.

ORPHANED LAND were now on stage and the first tune was none other than “The Simple Man” followed immediately by “All is One” and the mood for the night was set. A must-see gig for the fans of the band, almost 20 songs in their set list, traveling thought their discography and taking the opportunity to play some songs they don’t usually get to play, as frontman Kobi Farhi noted. Songs such as “Let The Truce Be Known” and “Brother” made a true impact with their melody and strong statements and through the evening Kobi kept introducing each songs, sharing its meaning with the audience, spreading his vision of peace and unity and of making music a religion that unites everyone, regardless of whatever else you may believe in. After a small interlude by the Stimmgewalt Choir, the band was back on stage to perform a few more songs, including “Building the Ark” and the much loved “Sapari”. Still wanting more, everyone kept clapping and waiting for the band to come back and so they did. First, only Kobi and the choir members to sing a much heart felt version of “Hallellujah”, a Leonard Cohen original, and the sense that something holy was happening hit the room, with everyone singing along the well known chorus (and some of us, the entire song, actually). The rest of the band came back on stage and played three more songs, to everyone’s delight, ending with “Ornaments of Gold” and one hell of a party!



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