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João Osório 21/11/2016 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: PAIN + THE VISION BLEAK + DYNAZTY + BILLION DOLLAR BABIES @Leipzig

A full house from the very star to the very end to see Pain and friends!

When Swedish group Billion Dollar Babies started their show the venue was already packed. With just 30 minutes to play, they presented their most recent work, “Chemical God” released earlier this year. With a sound more in the heavy metal/hard rock stance, the band delivered an intense gig, where they played tracks such as “I Want to See You Burn”, “The Junkies Ball”, “President Payne” and “Everyone’s in Love with a Chemical God”. However the audience didn’t gave them much of an enthusiastic response, due to the fact that they were already in the mood for the last two bands whom are more of a gothic sound.

Next up was Dynazty, Swedish heawy power group that has been touring with Pain, since that their latest work “Titanic Mass” from last April was recorded by Peter Tatgren on Abyss Studio. The band had a warmer welcome, especially in the most melodic and fast moments of the songs. Some tracks such as “The Human Paradox”, “The Northern End”, “Raise Your Hands”, “Titanic Mass”, “Incarnation” or even “Starlight” had the ability to draw out the attention of the crowd.

After a brief intro, The Vision Bleak went upon stage to deliver an intense performance. They started out with the track “From Wolf To Peacock”, which is the second one from their most recent work “The Unknown”, and the crowd applauded in clamor. On the following song, “Night Of A Living Dead” there were a few problems with the drum set, that caused a small delay in the show. To kill time while the technical issues were being resolved, the frontman came down the stage and greeted the lucky ones by the front row. The show then restarted with “Carpathia”, followed by “Kindred of the Sunset” and “Into the Unknow” two more songs straight out of their newest album. On the track “Kutulu” the singer descended to the front row once more and asked who were able to pronounce correctly the name of the track.

The setlist ended up being smaller, so they eventually ended the show with “Wolfmoon” and “By Our Brotherhood With Seth”.

Pain were the main attraction, and started their show in a blast, with “Designed To Piss You Off” the first track from “Coming Home” their new album and reason behind this tour. The following tracks “Suicide Machine” and “The Great Pretender” set the pace of the show, with a more industrial, and dancing, vibe. Peter Tägtgren was dressed to impress in a straitjacket, and proved to be a worthy master of ceremony. The time seemed to go faster than usual, and some of the songs chosen such as “A Wannabe”, “Zombie Slam”, “Monkey Buisness”, “End of the Line” or “It’s Only Them” made for more danceable moments.

Peter Tägtgren introduced the audience to Pain’s 18 year old drummer, Sebastian Tägtgren, his son. This moment was followed by “Pain In The Ass”, “I’m Going Home”, “Coming Home” and “Call Me”, on which the drummer stoped playing after the second verse. Peter acting surprised asked him if he had made a mistake. In this very moment, a doll with remarkable similarities with Joachim Broden, Sabaton’s singer, appeared and sang (with the help of the sampler) the verses of the song on which he participated. “Black Night Satellite” was next, but not the last. There was still time for an encore in the end where “Starseed”, “Dirty Woman” – with the amazing detail of having someone from the audience throw in a bra onto the stage –  and the hymn “Shut Your Mouth”, whereas the audience sang along in unison.

It was an amazing show, where the band displayed an excellent performance from start o finish and the sound was on point.

Words and photos by: João Osório



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