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Phobia 12/11/2016 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: PAIN + THE VISION BLEAK + DYNAZTY + BILLION DOLLAR BABIES @RCA, Lisboa

Sunday evening and Lisbon was the stoping point to another great european tour, this time leaded by the veteran band Pain and supported by the bands The Vision Bleak, Dynazty and Billion Dollar Babies.

Billion Dollar Babies gave the night a start, attacking us with their hard rock from the begining. With their latest album “Chemical God” released earlier this year to great reviews all around, the show was a reflection of a great stage presence and songs that got the crowd on fire.

Dynazty was the second band to play. Playing a mix of hard rock and power metal, the swedish boys delivered a really good show, even with a short setlist. Starting with ”Human Paradox”, passing through ”Raise Your Hands” and finishing with ”Starlight”, the band added their good humor and energy to the concert and always captured the public’s attention , so much that even a bra flew to the hands of the vocalist, getting the all the room to laugh!

The scenario changed. Skulls and vampiric imagery take up part of the stage. Many people in the audience were waiting for this act. The Vision Bleak enter the stage and the goth act begins with ”From Wolf to Peacock” and ”Night of the Living Dead”. In an Halloween weekend the band was the perfect soundtrack for the night. The concert continued and then it came one of the band’s recent singles ”Into the Unknown” leading the public to wildness, specially the front rows. -”Can you say Kutulu?”- asked the singer Konstanz. This question made people scream and the show continued with the band’s greatest single ”Kutulu!”. The Vision Bleak finished the night with the song ”By Our Brotherhood With Seth” leaving the stage triumphantly.


The most expected act started brutally ”Designed to Piss You Off”. Pain delivered their electronic heavy sound perfectly through the entire show. With a set promoting the new album ”Coming Home” and also passing through some classics like ”Monkey Business”, ”End of The Line” and ”Same Old Song”. The energy and the contact with the public was intense and chemistry between the members of the band was evident. In the song ”Call Me”, one of the new singles, Sabaton’s Joakin Broden was represented by a doll that interacts humorously during the track. The night finished perfectly with ”Shut Your Mouth” making the crowd scream the words in unison.


Words by: Zé Serôdio

Photos by: Joana Martins

Special thanks to Notredame Productions



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