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Report: Satyricon + Chthonic @ Paradise Garage

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Report: Satyricon + Chthonic @ Paradise Garage

Many people don’t realise it but it took 7 long years for Satyricon to return to Portugal. The last time was in 2006, promoting “Now, Diabolical”. So it was no surprise to see a big queue of people at the entrance of the Paradise Garage in Lisbon.
The opening band was Chthonic, a Taiwanese Melodic Black Metal band, possibly more known for their bassist than for their music. Stereotypes… The performance was strong, just like the previous year when they came to the Vagos Open Air festival. “Oceanquake”, “Supreme Pain For The Tyrant”, or “Defenders of Bú-Tik Palace”, the first single of the latest album “Bú-Tik” were part of the approximately 30 minute set.

It took far too long to Satyricon to come to the stage, which made the people impatient. But after a big period of waiting and endless tech checking, the show started with “Voices Of Shadows”, just like in the new 2013 album simply entitled “Satyricon”. The band quickly went back to the “Shadowthrone” album with “Hvite Krists Død”. All the “hit singles” were played, “Now Diabolical” made everyone scream the chorus, “Repined Bastard Nation” called for headbanging. Many were waiting for some stuff from “Nemesis Divina”, so “Forhekset” was a treat. But unfortunately, no tracks from “Rebel Extravaganza” were played, one of Satyricon’s most furious records was left forgotten. Satyr was quite communicative, and since from the beginning expressed how touched and happy the band was to be back to Portugal. It’s always good when the band bonds with the audience, not only through music but also through words. To end the show with a blast, “Mother North” was and will forever be Satyricon’s hymn, but the last encore resulted in a double treat, with “Fuel For Hatred” and “K.I.N.G.”.

In conclusion, for all those who waited so long for the band, it was totally worth it. Great show, excellent sound and lights. A full venue… Let’s just hope that it doesn’t take them another 7 years to come back.

Chthonic pictures by Pedro Almeida. Satyricon pictures by FG Photo.



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