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Report: Soen + Ghost Iris + Wheel @ Hard Club

Filipe Gomes 10/04/2019 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: Soen + Ghost Iris + Wheel @ Hard Club
Report: Soen + Ghost Iris + Wheel @ Hard Club

Soen is promoting their new album ”Lotus” with an European tour. With them are traveling the bands Wheel and Ghost Iris, as openers of the shows. On 30th of March, the tour passed by Hard Club in Porto, Portugal, for an amazing show.

Wheel – a Finnish prog rock band – had the task of opening for the night. They are currently promoting their debut record ”Moving Backwards”, that was released this year. As such, the band’s short set was entirely focused on said album, beginning with the song ” Vultures”, which was followed by a 10-minute progressive piece ”Tyrant”. Even with a shy audience the quartet continued strongly with ”Where the pieces lie”. They finished with another 10-minute song , the title-track ” Wheel” managed to warm the crowd present at that time.

With people still entering the venue, danish progressive metalcore act Ghost Iris came upon the stage to change the mood and bring more heaviness. The first notes of ”The Rat & And Snake” sounded, marking their presence on stage. The track was taken from their new album ”Apple of Discord’. This one was followed by ”The Final Tale”. With their groovy sound setting the pace, their singer Jasper showed what a captivating frontman he can be, always interacting with the crowd. The people who were presented lifted their spirits, and most of them moved along to their groove – even those who didn’t know the songs. Like the previous band, this quartet also focus their set on the new album, finishing on a high note with the track ”Virus”.

The room was almost at its full capacity, and the energy and excitement of the crowd was noticeable. Then the most awaited moment arrived when Soen finally set foot on stage. The Swedish band opened their set with ”Covenant” and already was possible hear some voices sing-a-long with the band. Although focused on ”Lotus” the quintet passed through their entire discography and ”Opal” from ”Lykaya” was the song that followed. Throughout the concert it was visible a special connection between the band and the crowd with both sides pushing for each other.

This was all a part of the Soen live experience, where the songs are just a part of it. As such, the band members were constantly smiling during the set, and a funny Joel (singer) used the interludes in between songs to communicate with the audience. Songs like ”Tabula Rasa”, ”Lascivious” and ” Lucidity” are not forgotten in this set.”Martyrs”, which is also from ”Lotus”, was interpreted by the band in a specially beautifully manner. After the encore, they played ”Savia”, ”Sectarian” and finished with excitement and the lovely ”Lotus” track. This was for sure an amazing night to all the present fans, proving once more that bands such as Soen are rare to come by, and their music itself is just a part of the experience.

Text by Zé Serôdio
Photos courtesy of Joana Leonardo
Special thanks to Free Music Events 
Managing Editor – Rita Limede



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