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Report: SWR Barroselas 2014 (Day #2)

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Report: SWR Barroselas 2014 (Day #2)

Day 2

Stage 1

On the second day, the opening of the main stage was the responsibility of THE QUARTET OF WOAH. This new sensation Portuguese stoner band, introduced their latest record, “Ultrabomb”. The band gave their best, and played with heart and soul. It was a great show to watch, with a good ambiance, despite not having a big audience at the time.

Next was ANTROPOFAGUS’ turn. This brutal death metal band from Italy gave a show that matched our expectations, and showed us that their sound is much more interesting live than on record. Their lead singer had very good stage presence, which captivated the audience. There was some movement and headbang, as the band played songs from their only two records, like “Thick Putrefaction Stink”, “Architecture of Lust” and “Demise of The Carnal Principle”.
WARHAMMER, the band that got famous by playing covers from the mythical group Hellhammer and Celtic Frost, was one of the most awaited gigs of the night. With a very charismatic frontman, they went on stage and spread lots of emotion to the crowd. It was what one might expect from this group. Very good reaction from the audience.
The BLOOD RED THRONE gig was probably one of the best from this second day. This Norwegian death metal band showed us how enormous their wall of sound is live. They unleashed chaos throughout their entire set and the audience loved it. Is was their debut in Portugal, where they presented their latest record, “Blood Red Throne”, and some older songs from their rather extended discography, like “Unleashing Hell”, “Brutalitarian Regime” and “Arterial Lust”.
METAL CHURCH, iconic heavy/thrash metal band from San Francisco (USA), was the night’s headliner. It was a really good gig, with a great vibe and lots of animation within the audience. The band had a very strong presence and was very at ease on stage. This show was a part of the tour to present their latest record “Generation Nothing”. They also played some of the classic songs that made them famous almost 20 years ago like “Metal Church”, “Beyond the Black” and “Badlands”. They ended their set with a Deep Purple cover, of the song “Highway Star” which made everyone go crazy.
SCHIRENC plays PUNGENT STENCH had the responsibility of being the closing act of the main stage. This brutal death/grind project from Austria plays Pungent Stench covers, because their former musician Martin Schirenc isn’t allowed to use the band’s name due to legal matters. They attracted a big crowd, and played a very interesting gig. Despite being a style of music that invites the audience to spread chaos, it was a rather quiet one, probably because it was the last show of the night. As the name implies, the setlist was mainly classic Pungent Stentch songs like “Dead Body Love”, “Pungent Stench” and “Viva La Muerte”.

Stage 2

Icelandic Death Metal ANGIST were the first band to perform in the secondary stage. No one was indifferent to the presence of the two blonde girls headbanging and growling, specially Edda, the charismatic frontwoman. Great oldschool Death Metal performance.
Afterwards it was CREPITATION’s turn to come on stage. This brutal death metal band from the UK, with two lead singers wrecked havoc in the crowd, with lots of stage diving as well as a huge mosh pit. Their sound, per se, is more of the same, it doesn’t add up anything new to this genre, but the band made up to it with a good performance. It is also worth to mention some confused faces in the audience when the singers would perform some weird looking singing techniques with the help of their hands…
The conceptual funeral doom project from Portugal BOSQUE, created the perfect heavy ambiance that took us on a spiritual road for an introspective journey. With only three songs in their set, they were able to please a certain group of fans of this style of music. For all the others, with was a very slow gig that didn’t deserve much attention. Nevertheless, the show was involving and not many people left before its end.
AGE OF WOE, a crust punk band from Sweden, delivered an energetic gig, however, didn’t get much reaction from the audience, it was far from being a memorable show. They were presenting their most recent album, “Inhumanform”.
MYSTIFIER, old school Brazilian black metal was an awaited gig for some. The band had a strong presence on stage and the lead singer was very versatile, he also played bass and keyboards, sometimes both at the same time. Their setlis was mainly classic songs from the band’s earliest albums, “Wicca” and “Goetia”. They also played a cover of an old Sarcófago song. Great interaction with the audience, very crowded show. A concert to remember, for sure!
BLACK WITCHERY ended the night of the second stage. This death/black metal band performed with a very theatrical ambiance which illustrates perfectly their fondness for the occult. Something very peculiar happened during this show, as a member of the audience decided to burn a bible. Other than that, it was a very intense and chaotic show, didn’t attracted many people, but those who were there to see these guys, sure filled the empty spaces. The band played mostly songs from their latest record, ”Inferno of Sacred Destruction”, that was released four years ago.



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