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Report: THE YOUNG GODS @ Tmn ao Vivo

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Report: THE YOUNG GODS @ Tmn ao Vivo

yg1 “Comme ci C’etait la Derniére Fois” THE YOUNG GODS visited Lisbon with the quality that they have increased throughout their long career. Before a full venue, the Swiss collective presented the best of their two first albums: “The Young Gods” and “L’Eau Rouge”, which are definitely not out of fashion. Like originally, no guitars were used but the swiss trio really didn’t need them at all, once their contagious performance grabbed the emotions and sweat of everybody. Between “soft” songs like “Did you Miss Me ?”, “Charlotte”, “L’Eau Rouge”, “Á Ciel Ouvert” or “Fais la Mouette”, the band mixed some of its best industrial moments, such as “Pas Mal”, “L’Amourir”, “Envoyé”, “Crier Les Chiens”, “Feu” and off course “Jimmy” in a very agitated concert. As usual, two encores were demanded by a commanded audience since the beginning of the show. Below the frontman there was a spotlight that allowed Franz Treichler to play with his hands effects, increasing the allucinogenic feeling of that night.

We can now say that we haven’t seen one Young Gods concert similar to another, once they are always in constant innovation, breaking the barriers of underground music, so that others can then follow. From pure industrial rock, that has touched metal, to esoteric dreamy journeys till even acoustic ambiences, this Swiss trio does not imitate. They are the ones that innovate.


A late arrival to the venue didn’t allow us to experience the entire TAPE JUNK performance. We’re sure that they knew that it wasn’t their night, but nevertheless their blues rock fusion was not a bad start to that evening.

Photos by Pedro Almeida



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