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Report: TYR + Cruz De Ferro + Inner Blast @RCA Club, Lisbon

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Report: TYR + Cruz De Ferro + Inner Blast @RCA Club, Lisbon

At a Sunday evening, took place on the usual spot another great night of heavy metal, counting on the bill with the Portuguese acts Inner Blast and Cruz de Ferro, opening for one of the major viking forces in metal music nowadays, Tyr.

Portuguese new comer act Inner Blast opened the night with a melodic metal, in between the symphonic and the gothic metal, with a few death metal growls here and there. The crowd got interested in their sound and appreciated the concert, giving a round of applause effusively, every time the band finished a song, presented from the album “Prophecy”, like “Private Nation”, “Insane”, “Feel the Storm”, and “Legacy”. It was an exciting way to start the evening.

Cruz de Ferro, with their epic heavy metal, kept the momentum going, preparing the march for the big act. With the club already filling up with a respectable crowd , their performance seemed somehow to divide the crowd in between those who liked them a lot, and those who didn’t like them at all. With a sound typically heavy metal those who liked cheered with songs like “Morreremos de Pé”, “Fúria Divina”, “A Lúcifer”, and “Vitória”, from their debut album “Morreremos de Pé”.

The intro “Gandkvæði Tróndar” sounded the violins for the entry of the long waited return of Tyr to Portugal. Charging with “Sinklars Vísa”, “By the Sword in My Hand”, and the classic “Hold the Heathen Hammer High”, the crowd responded enthusiastically to the call to arms, leaded by a very communicative frontman HeriJoensen. Stories about old Vikings were presented like “Regin Smiður”, “RamundHinUnge”, and “TuriðTorkilsdóttir”, but also from the latest album “Valkyria” like “Blood of Heroes”, “Lady of the Slain”, and “Mare of My Night”, to which the audience cheered and singed. The bass player Gunnar Thomsen, seeing that the crowd was having a good time, try to pulled out some more screams from then, and he got exactly that. Ending the first part of the gig with “Hail to The Hammer”, and saving for the encore “Hall of Freedom” and “Shadow of the Swastika”, the Faroese Vikingsdelivered a great night of heavy metal, to a fantastic audience that packed the club at a Sunday night, proving that every evening is a good evening to watch these guys live. What a performance!

Words by: Daniel Lemminkainen

Photos by: Joana Martins

Special thanks to Notredame Productions






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