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Lucifer 16/12/2012 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: TYRANTS BLOOD + VOIDHANGER + HELL PATROL @ Progresja, Warsaw


Progresja is Warsaw’s underground venue for underground acts. Located in a military academia, the people that you see around it make you confuse whether there are going to the concert as well or are just passing by….. .
With two stages and affordable beer prices, the distance from the city center makes you believe that if one is there it means that he is really with guts to attend to that concert.

So, on the 14th November the stage #2 welcomed what was supposed to be a black/thrash metal night.
Locals Hell Patrol opened the ceremonies playing a blackened thrash metal, replacing Blaze of Perdition black horde, that was initially set to perform that night. It was our loss…
Nevertheless this polish young trio showed some good paced themes, although it was clear that they still have a long road to endure, even if the track seems to be the right one.

The second band of the night was the blackened thrash/crust act Voidhanger. Being also a local band, they seemed to be quite popular around there, accomplishing the warmest performance of that event, as the audience kept singing their name and even some songs. Fast and strong themes for a good show from this polish underground act that showed capacity to spread their dark horde abroad polish frontiers. They ended the gig with the always welcomed Bathory’s cover “Sacrifice”.

Canadian metalers Tyrants Blood were the headliners of the night, performing before an audience of no more than 50 persons. That didn’t seem to be a problem for these North American guys that pulled a hell of a show at Progresja. Just one thing that we weren’t expecting: they didn’t play only black/thrash metal music. No. Instead they presented us with a brutal technical black/death metal sound, that, frankly, we were not counting on.
Nevertheless their attitude was of full commitment, with few lights on stage, strong presence of all of them, even if, here and then, some parts sounded a little bit confuse. But hey, that’s technical brutal death metal’s danger. Good show!
Cast Into Hell, Deiciver, Spiral Sea, Slaine, Into the Kingdom, Desowned and Defiled, Torn from the Sky, Prophecy, Destroyer.




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