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Report: Ufomammut + Usnea + Late Night Venture @ Doom Metal Monday, Copenhagen

Kasper Pasinski 29/11/2017 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: Ufomammut + Usnea + Late Night Venture @ Doom Metal Monday, Copenhagen
Report: Ufomammut + Usnea + Late Night Venture @ Doom Metal Monday, Copenhagen

Italian masters of Stoner/Doom metal Ufomammut have visited Copenhagen on their fall tour to spread the stoner sound and promote the new record called simply ‘8’. Copenhagen was one of the 18 dates on the route and the concert took place in KB18, which totally suits this type of music with its underground presentation. Ufomammut brought Usnea along to open the show for them, additionally the fans gathered in the club, and received a warm up provided by the local band Late Night Venture.

The opening act, Late Night Venture is a Copenhagen based band. They play a heavy mixture of post-rock and doom metal. The band received a warm welcome for slowly arriving crowd and paid back with heavy guitar riffs combined with keyboard sounds finished with a cheer after just a thirty minutes long set.

Next in line for the evening was an American band Usnea. They team up in 2011, originated from Portland, Oregon playing blackened doom metal. With three records in the portfolio, they came to Copenhagen to present their material from the new album ‘Portals Into Futility’. The quartet started with ‘Detritus’ the track closing their previous album ‘Random Cosmic Violence’. Next they went straight to the new material, and presented for the first time the opening track ‘Eidolons and the Increate’. After which they went back to the old stuff playing the ‘Lathe of Heaven’. They chose to close the set with the 20 minutes track ‘A Crown of Desolation’. With the solid kick coming from the amplifiers and a help of distorted guitars, Usnea entertained the crowd for nearly an hour making sure that everyone was ready for even heavier dose of the dronish noise coming out from the speakers.

Main act of the night was Ufomammut. Italian veterans of stoner drone combination is shaking the heavy scene with their distorted tones since the band formation in 1999. Originated in Tortona trio has entered the stage right after 10 pm, starting the loud and sweaty feast for heavy stoner music enthusiasts. A combination of the heavily distorted bass and sounds out of this planet coming both from the guitar and the foot synthesizers used by both Urlo (bass) and Poia (guitar) and accompanied by the hypnotizing drum rhythm provided by Vita lasted for over an one and half hour. Thus they kept the crowd somewhere between the earth and space traveling in UFO ship with Italian space mammoth. The band played the new album in its full entirety starting with ‘Babel’, going through previously released as a single ‘Warsheep’ finishing with ‘Psyrcle’. Then they came back to play an encore, just to make sure everyone in the club received enough decibels and will get home satisfied with the outcome of the show. The audience did not looked bothered by the fact that this is a monday night and tomorrow is a working day again. The whole gig was over just a few minutes after the midnight, with loud and thankful cheer from the fans.

Special thanks to Killtown Bookings

Text and photos by: Kasper Pasinski

Managing Editor: Rita Limede



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