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Report: Ultra Silvam + Balmog + Gleichmacher @ Stereogun, Leiria

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Report: Ultra Silvam + Balmog + Gleichmacher @ Stereogun, Leiria

It is not very common for a Black Metal tour to pass through Leiria. However, at the same time, it is a good sign. It indicates that the decentralization of concerts in Portugal does take place and that Leiria has an excellent venue to host concerts, such as the StereoGun, in the centre of the city.

The Germans Gleichmacher started the concerts right on time. Sticking to the schedule, the band from Dresden brought in their luggage their debut album “Kränkung, Fall, Verderben”, released entirely by the band. Although the venue was not full, this did not affect the performance of this quartet. The sound was very good, the songs worked pretty well. These guys feature an oldschool sound, mostly with fast songs, completed by mid-tempo moments that perfectly complement the compositions. Andreas Finke & Co managed to infect an audience that was initially shy but, as the concert progressed, engaged the performance. Overall, it was a great opening concert where the band performed their debut album in its entirety.

Gleichmacher | More photos here

Spanish veterans Balmog need no introduction if you’ve been paying attention to the southern European black metal scene for the past decade. Well-established with a solid and extensive discography, it is always a pleasure to witness their concerts. With an audience of around half a dozen, the band entered strong. Immediately the difference in stage presence was notorious. They started with the theme of the Vacvvm album “Hodegetria”. The Galician quartet took the stage by storm and unleashed all its fury in an outstanding and absolutely overwhelming performance. Bringing the “Eve” album as the most recent release and already with an upcoming ep confirmed (“Covenants of Salt”), the audience reacted more effusively as Balc conducted the ceremony and spat out his blackened prayers. It was obvious how songs such as “Birth of Feral Master” work incredibly well live due to their hypnotic riffing and despaired vocals. The atmosphere was oppressive due to the occasional ambient interludes filled with vocal choirs. One could feel suffocating even though there was no smoke, the lights were blinding, and the sonic wall was massive. Balmog does not disappoint, Balmog delivers.

Balmog | More photos here

When the Swedes Ultra Silvam took the stage it was not known how their concert would be, at least to the unprepared ones in the audience. These savages were an unexpected bombshell in the face of everyone present. Their attitude of total savagery as well as the practised sound brought to mind a mixture of Nifelheim, Katharsis and Beherit. Their raw, carefree and tearing black metal with a “we hope you die” attitude left no one indifferent. Their performance started quickly and mercilessly, ending abruptly after a set that seemed short and left everyone waiting for an encore, only to be treated to unattended guitar feedback.

Ultra Silvam | More photos here

There was a great black metal scene in Leiria, let’s hope there will be many more soon.

Enjoy the rest of the photos in the post below.

Text & photos: Filipe Gomes (@fgphoto_)



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