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Report: Web + Equaleft + The Last Of Them @ States Club

Filipe Gomes 17/06/2015 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: Web + Equaleft + The Last Of Them @ States Club
Report: Web + Equaleft + The Last Of Them @ States Club

Coimbra’s States Club is a small venue which has become a landmark when it comes to Metal concerts in the city of Students. This time three northern bands came to destroy the small stage of this club.

The first band to play was THE LAST OF THEM from Aveiro, a Groove/Thrash metal band. In the beginning, the sound wasn’t very good, so up until “Ghost Guerrilla” some parts were confusing, but after this “Neon Vultures” started and the sound got better. This is the last song of the band’s 2013 “At No One’s Mercy” EP. Along with the sound quality, the audience got a bit closer and interacted a bit more with the band, even though things were pretty calm at that point. The last song was “Fury Amplified” and got a more expressive reaction from the audience, challenged by Zé Luís who is not a rookie in the frontman role.

Coming from Porto, EQUALEFT brought their groovy Death metal with some Djent influences. Being active for more than 10 years, this quintet sounds quite strong and tight, with very cohesive rhythms and riffs. Killer tracks such as “Human”, “…the Chameleons” got the audience to wake up, even though the room wasn’t very full. But the small audience didn’t demotivate Miguel Inglês, the charismatic frontman who created empathy among the present people. Onstage Miguel Seewald started playing the hypnotic beginning of “Heroes Of Nothing”, the best moment ex-equo with “Maniac”. Even though the stage was small, the band was quite comfortable and their performance was totally satisfying. There was also time to a quick stop for wishing a friend of the band, Marco Fresco a happy birthday.

Last but not least, WEB showed up on stage. These guys have been around since ’86 and are one of Portugal’s Thrash/Power Metal icons. This show was a chance to showcase the band’s 3rd album “Everything Ends”, released in May via Raising Legends records. The band started with “Vendetta”, the first song of the new album. The concert started smoothly… It is difficult to become indifferent the guitarist Victor and his funny faces which play along well with Fernando’s high spirits. These guys had no problem interacting with the audience, that’s obvious. The long “Death My Enemy” finally generated some more action among the metalheads. Quickly reaching the final, without noticing time passing by (which is a good thing), the band ended with (In)Sanity from the “Deviance” album. Good show by these oldschoolers from Porto.

In conclusion this was another good night at States Club, the bands gave their best but unfortunately, there wasn’t a big audience, this time. More nights like this in the future, please!



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