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Report: Wolfheart + Eternal Storm @ RCA Club, Lisbon

Sandra Nunes 30/03/2017 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: Wolfheart + Eternal Storm @ RCA Club, Lisbon
Report: Wolfheart + Eternal Storm @ RCA Club, Lisbon

After the debut opening for Swallow the Sun last year, Wolfheart have returned to Portugal for a show as headliners, bringing with them the new album “Tyhjyys”. Under a rainy night, the crowd started gathering around the venue to witness, a fantastic performance by the wolves from Finland.

Before them, we had Eternal Storm, from Spain, with their technical and melodic death metal, which reminded us of Neo Obliviscaris, also with a lot of influences from the Swedish death metal scene. They’ve played 2 songs that they will release in their next album, yet unnamed, and played some of their already released songs like “The Great Wings of Silence”or “Boundaries of Serenity”. They got a good response from the few audience that was there, but as the show went on, they started to get more attention from the crowd, who appreciated their show, and we’re sure that the band appreciated the chance given to them as well.

Then came the winter metal, and the powerful performance of Wolfheart opening with “Boneyard”, one of the songs from their new album, and immediately they got the crowd in the mood for the show. Always delivering their songs with an intense energy, Wolfheart got from the audience that got the venue well composed, a tremendous response, clapping, headbanging, moshing, and sometimes singing the chorus of the songs.

The setlist was quite surprising, because it had a lot of songs from the previous records like “The Hunt”, “Strength and Valor”, “Zero Gravity”, “Routa Pt. 2”, “Aeon of Cold”, “Veri”, and adding to this a new song called World On Fire, songs that the crowd enjoyed a lot, and knew very well.

The band played a very strong and intensive show, with a lot of melodic but fast songs, proving that they could be a very consistent headliner, trying to get the best from the crowd, and for a Wednesday night, the crowd made the heavens crack, and responded very well to a band that is loved in Portugal for their characteristic death metal. The band also felt it and asked before they play the last song to take a picture with the audience. A very touching moment to close the night on a high note.

Thanks to Ritos Nocturnos for a tremendous night of metal, full of great vibes for the soul and spirit, and to Sandra Nunes for capturing “our picture”. For those who weren’t there, don’t miss this band the next time!

Pictures by Daniel Lemminkainen and Sandra Nunes.




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