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Report: XXXICKEN PARTY 2016 @ Rex Club, Cantanhede

Daniel Lemminkainen 10/07/2016 Festivals, Reports Comments Off on Report: XXXICKEN PARTY 2016 @ Rex Club, Cantanhede
Report: XXXICKEN PARTY 2016 @ Rex Club, Cantanhede

After a lot of ups and downs, and a name change, XXXicken Party took place at the Rex Bowling Club, Cantanhede,  with a lot of good vibes, people willing to have a good time, an indoor pool, and after-hours DJ’s all night long for three days.

Day 1

Starting the hostilities at XXXicken Party, KisteSacro, Brutal Schincter, and Kakothanasy, were good openings in a club that was still receiving people, bit by bit, but the ones already there got into the front and seemed to enjoy the bands with their party mood.

Then the first Portuguese appearance in the festival Brutal Brain Damage, gave a competent show with some heads banging, and following them were Inverted Pussyfix with their nice outfits and the first appearance of the Trash Circus girls on stage, who gave their special touch to the performance. Clitorape got the party going with good pits and blasting songs.

The first big concert of the fest was Kadaverficker, with Hannibal Lecter as frontman giving a great concert, showing that nekrokore is love, followed by the brutal death act Engorgement with good groove guitars, and Fermented Masturbation with their slamming beat down sickness, that good the crowd headbanging.

Analepsy was probably the best show of the night, with their new vocals and guitar player Diogo Santana showing that he’s the right man for the job. Rectal Smegma was also a great show with a great circle pit, and 5 Stabbed 4 Corpses had also a great performance always interacting with the crowd that seemed to enjoy their show a lot.

Pornthegore ended the night with their sick masks and show, which continued after hours on the dance floor with the dj Pedro Peu Pinguinha, who’ve party with a lot of enthusiasm, thus ending day 1 of the xxxicken party.

Day 2

Moñigo with their goregrind started to get the few people moving around the stage, Happy Farm continued the party with another vocalist in good fashion, and 666 Shades of Shit with the frontman carrying two microphones on stage, were the first good gigs of a day full of them, and probably the best day of the festival.

Shoryuken, well known act in the Portuguese underground scene, didn’t let anyone disappointed, as they gave one of the best gigs of the festival, also with the help of erotic dancers. Kali Yuga with a stunning performance of their vocalist Emilie, captivated the crowd to get closer to the stage and appreciate this great act.

Mutilated Judge, with just 2 guys on stage put up a great performance, moshing and interacting a lot with the crowd. Lucky those who got to see this. Virulency, and Urtikaria Anal gave also good shows in a venue already composed, with the crowd fixed near the stage.

Stillbirth apart of the good show they’ve gived, had a sexy horse on the stage that made the crowd give a good laugh. Following them was one of the most waited acts of the festival, Kraanium, brutal death act that brought in the bag their lastest album “Chronicles of Perversion”, that delighted the headbanging crowd with a lot of slam moments, and got also a great circle pit during the concert.

Continuing this great evening of awesome gigs, Darkall Slaves with their brutal death act kept the consistency really high, and the crowd appreciated that, as we could hear and see by the reaction of the audience, which waited for Putridity to continue this amazing display of energy and fun, and they did exactly that.

One of the most insane bands in the grindcore scene nowadays, Serrabulho struck the crowd with probably, the best gig of the festival. The audience got the usual performance on extreme party mood, crazy costumes, guests on stage (Urtikaria Anal & Goreminister), huge circle pits, headbanging, and even invited a bunch of freaks half naked who moshed in the indoor pool. A fantastic evening with the people invading the stage after the show, as the party went on all night long.

Day 3

Atomgott gave the first good show of the day with their brutal death metal leaving no one indifferent. Following them was Scent of Death, with the vocalist of Bleeding Display leading the performance of the band forward, always moving and making the crowd getting near the stage.

Besta, one of the strongest acts with their characteristic grindcore, hit the stage in a brutal and impressing way like only they can, with a frontman always moving back and forward, leading the band to give everything that they’ve got, and the crowd got exactly that.

RatoRaro with their aggressive grindcore for just one guitar player, a drummer, and a hell of a frontman, put up also a great show. Following them was Party Cannon, one of the best surprises of the festival with their death metal fused with grind in a party mood, lead the audience partying with them during all the performance.

UxLxCxMx, Fungus, and Daemusinem put up also good performances with the crowd already glued to the stage, waiting for the big name of the day Katalepsy, which brought to the party their newest album “Gravenous Hour”, and with a particular performance gave a sick show. Well done boys!

Carnivore Diprosopus, Pulmonary Fibrosis, and Devangelic got the remains of an audience already tired, after 3 days of festival, but willing to party within the bands, and the bands delivered everything that they’ve could to keep the party going, and in response the audience didn’t moved away from the stage, with the energy that they had left.

To end the festival, strange is the word to describe the one man band Mulk, which got some few from the audience left to hear the noisy grindcore, and the particular performance along with the erotic dancers.

Effort, dedication, persistence, and a lot of hard work, made the festival happen, thanks to the huge heart of Rita Limede, Carlos Guerra, and all of the staff that against waves of ignorance and false moralism, put up an amazing party, full of people willing to have fun that came from a lot of places, not only to see bands but to enjoy themselves, to know also a little bit of this place called Portugal, and with kindness have shown to a lot of less informed people, that the underground scene will never be defeated, because united we are strong, and this is just the beginning of something that we’ve sense that is already, a big family. We’ll see you again in the next edition of the XXXicken Party!

Words by: Daniel Lemminkainen
Photos by: Filipe Gomes (FG Photo)
Special thanks to: XXXicken Party crew and Rex Bowling Club



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