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Report: XXXapada na Tromba, Freak N’Grind Fest @ RCA Club – Day 1

Rita Limede 28/01/2016 Festivals, Reports Comments Off on Report: XXXapada na Tromba, Freak N’Grind Fest @ RCA Club – Day 1
Report: XXXapada na Tromba, Freak N’Grind Fest @ RCA Club – Day 1

Just like last time, the RCA Club in Lisboa was the grinders stage for the second edition of the Xxxapada na Tromba. A festival organized with total devotion by Sérgio Páscoa and Carlos Guerra, to name a few, who put up an amazing event to promote the best in the grindcore scene, divided in 2 days full of debauchery and extreme music, in a fantastic cozy ambient.

1st Day – 22th January

The hostilities were open by Shoryuken, the Portuguese band from Beja that with the help of the Trash Circus Girls, started to gather the crowd around the stage, making the first extreme notes of a long weekend ahead of us. One of the songs that people liked the most was “Chun Li Bukkake”.

With just 2 guitars and a drum, Brutal Brain Damage from Caxarias continued to call out for more people to come near the stage, and in a shy way the first pits started to appear. Very good gig as well that had as highest point the song “Scum On” from their only album so far, “Brain Soup”.

Dead Meat from Castelo Branco, one of the oldest bands of the billing, showed that the brutal death metalheads are in great form, promoting their last compilation “Stench of Rotten Years”, and it was a great show. In sum, these 3 bands did a great warm up for the brutality to come.

The first international act of the festival came from Italy, Guineapig. With people still arriving, the gore grinders did a very good job, making people move around, and setting up the mood for a night to remember. One of the best songs was “Defoliation Bacilli Bomb”, from their only album “Bacteria”, from where most songs of the gig were taken.

To help digesting the dinner, after the break Epicardiectomy, from Czech Republic, gave a brilliant display of slamming and brutal death metal full of perversion with the audience responding well to the requests of the vocalist, especially on the single “Horrendous Festering Transmutations” from their latest album “Putreseminal Morphodysplastic Virulency”.

The last Portuguese band of the day was Grog. Celebrating their 25th anniversary and with a pussycat dancer on stage during some songs, they did an amazing and energetic show, powered specially by their rhythmic section. One of the songs that gather more enthusiasm was “Hanged by the Cojones”, taken from their last album “Scooping the Cranial Insides”. A new one is on the forge.

Known for their grind / brutal death for few more than 25 years, the historical band Dead Infection from Poland did one of the most amazing shows of the festival. The musicians totally delivered a neck braking concert, surprising the crowd, and making the foundations shake. They even had a little torture act done by the Thrash Circus Girls.

As stars of the night and one of headliners of the festival, Lividity played for the first time in Portugal and didn’t disappoint with a show full of energy, dementia, and gore. The crowd responded really well to them, and they’ve delivered in a brutal way with total commitment. The crowd even had a surprising strip show during the act. One of the best performances was during the song “Chamber of Bone” from one of theirbest albums “The Age of Clitoral Decay”.

To end the first day, another Italian band Ultimo Mondo Canibale. The masked grinders burned down the last resistance with their gore grind, helped by a little strip act during the show, sending everybody home with smiles on their faces and a lot of tiredness, taken most songs from their last album “Drink My Milk”.

Report: Day 2

Words by: Daniel Lemminkäinen

Photos by: Daniel Lemminkäinen, Rita Limede, Carla M. Coelho and Marta Serrano

Special Thanks to: Sérgio Páscoa and the XXXAPADA Team



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