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Necroblasphéme – Belleville

Necroblasphéme – Belleville

necroblasphemeThe Parisians are making their 1st long run, and not many bans can make their mark in such an early stage of their career.
Is not by mere chance that they made a banner sigil their 1st LP Cover. NECROBLASPHEME have an identity, even if it isn’t fresh. They follow a tradition, being faithful to their roots.

In fact even the band was not fulfilled with their EP, showing distance from their purpose and musical intensity.

“Belleville”, on the other hand, shows a Paradise Lost in the making, very deep, very dark, a clear doom metal.
In that sense the band clearly made their point and vision of what their musical drive are. The arrangements are simple and linear, and an uneasy escape for some ambient image. Especially in introductions and closing arrangements.

Moving along the Doom style, what really comes to surface is the strong intense chord and guttural voice coming from hell.
In fact that’s the idea that comes up to mind once you listen to “Rampart”. Very discrete in its approach, but driving in it entrance.

Although, as good entrance as it may seem, there is still some space for progression in the instrumental aspect. The songs follow one after another without a visible distinction from one another. Like a loose freight train. That’s how we suddenly know that we’re in “Le Discours du Bitume”, where a special contribution from the past – Émile Gouda – comes to life.

“Two Trees” maintains the trend of dark tale of his predecessors as “The Grade Boars Haunting”, giving space to main role player of the show, Yann’s voice. Deep, dark and relentless. The guitars contribute with their density, accompanied closely by the steady powerhouse of Xavier’s Bas and Zoupa’s Drums.
Beyond dark tales, Yann’s ventures into transcendence and sci-fi voyage in “Hyperspace”, although we feel it lacks some special instrumental ambience into it. Particularly themes with such a thematic difference into them. “Waiting to Exhale” is also a pinpoint of that. A music such as this would require a more desperate feeling.

The work of the guitarists are somewhat linear, and are forced into the background of vocals presence, making in an often manner.

Still there is good effort and strong commitment to this material, with true metal prowess. A name that it will certainly be talked in doom fan line ranks, in years to come


Words by Refugee



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