Saturday 19th September 2020,
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91 All Stars – Retour vers la lumiére

91 All Stars

«Pour ceux qui sont audacieux, l’enfer vous attend». Like a call for the ultimate battle, but in very ghetto kind of way, the suburban french metal band, play «le balon fort et resserrent les rangs».

Proudly «fier» of their roots, 91 All Stars despite being ressembled to a basketball team straight from Brooklyn, they prefer keeping the language of Molière very much alive. Unlike their hip-hop counterparts, the french metal has yet to reach beyond its borders, but bands like 91 All Stars sure put it on the map.

And for such a fresh-starters, they really want to have a grip on things. A little too much for one’s taste. That’s what I believe though.

“Intro” makes the cinematic «intro», but not all that different in the genre, to a trepidating speed trash I mean. To suburban «mécs», these guys really make it biblical. The eternal struglle between heaven and hell, so dear to metal fans make its résurgenance, soit en «Omniscience», and «Mon Bien, Mon Mal».

Whereas strictly make it religioous, 91 All Stars drag down these apolyptical struggle to the ground, between «les potes qui ont été mort» (the bros that died) et les flics (the cops). As clear reference to 2005 riots that started in Clichy-sous-bois and spread across the country.

But not oly of facts live the «gars», the falmboant philosophy comes to life in “L’Ére du Verseau”, where clearly the potential fo the guitar duos comes to live, with the hispanic chord arrangements that bring something different to the scene.

Otherwise, 91 All stars promise what they deliver, and you still see the band that plays the sound they want to hear themselves, which make some of the track redundant. Still we will still be hearing from these guys in he near future.

Score [6/10]



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