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From Grotto – Mython

Vasco Baptista 03/01/2016 No Comments on From Grotto – Mython

from GrottoMy first contact with From Grotto reminded me a lot of of Roger Water’s voice in Pink Floyd during the late 70’s. In fact, it seemed for a while like, when the first verses of «The Floating Head» came echoing, «One of My Turns» B-Side was on. That being said, it isn’t odd, if you think about it, Water’s Floyd was all about madness.

I must say that it this kind of stoner was a bit different than I was acustomed to. Even so, it is interesting enough to float your mind adrift. Specially due to the amazing guitar work on account of Antti Pasonen, who shows sufficient knowledge to fulfill the music’s aspirations. The guitar is and always be a quintessencial part in stone, since Jimi Hendrix gave strings to Stone Free.

Te band still lack some improvement, specially on the sound mixing. The tone is still very crude and the lack of depthness is visible.
The lyrics are not as profound, they verse most of the time around personal expriences, and acid trips. That is expected though.
On the technical side, you can really feel that there is good value in it, specially both on the bass and the already mentionned guitar. Lizzard is a good example of that.

It is with expectation that we wait for these guys next work and see how they progressed.

Score [7/10]




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