Saturday 19th September 2020,
The Black Planet



VoidnagaA rather long, tribal and eastern folk intro surprisingly opens the debut Demo of the Malaysian one man entity VOIDNAGA. The sexy smell of blood instantaneously transport us to a human sacrifice ritual, making us eager for what might be served ahead.

When entering its own musical fields, VOIDNAGA starts by opening the hostilities with a slow, repetitive approach, in the veins of some other contemporary obscure Death Metal outfits. But it gets darker once the pace increases, with somber guitars commanding the tone of the first track, even though it turns out not as heavy as its beginning anticipates.

So it’s with the third “Haze Bore Darkness” that the variation begins, with a more sectioned drum, sounding in Archgoat’s military vein and a wider guitar alongside the old school death metal shouts. The return to slower movements returns just after the final dissolution, in a final full minute of complete cavernous death metal.

As the density continues, the final track “Those who Dwell in the Halo of the Sun” enters some more acute spaces, with some lighter riffs elevating the sound and melodies, after an initial fast involvement. It’s with this fourth track that the band achieves its highest point, increasing and improving the textures of the song and creating different environments, even if all of them dark, heavy and somber.

This demo will end the same way as it started: slowly, rottenly and cavernously. The tone chosen for the final guitar appearance could place the band differently if taken in the future as its distinguishable mark.

A pleasant first contact with Voidnaga’s occult Death Metal sounds, where several potentialities are noticed. Even if the work could be “rawer” in some points, an aura of horror and demonological magic comes out during the listening and classifying this first encounter in mystery.




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