Sunday 29th January 2023,
The Black Planet

AANOD – Yesterday Comes Tomorrow


As cryptic as the title “Yesterday Comes Tomorrow” may sound, its content is crystal clear – honest metalcore. This is the third release by Aanod, once again in EP format, and probably the one with most impact, so it seems the path for a debut full-length record is finally paved.

Combining death growls with clean but angry tones, songs like “Gambler” or “Pariah” will show you how meaningful this change in vocal inflection is when you want to sound brutal but still sophisticated. The synths/keys are also diverse, both in nature and presence; whether subtle or highlighted, an upbeat vibrancy in the background of “D.N.A.” or something similar to a sci-fi eighties soundtrack like “Starvation”, these are the proverbial details that make all the difference.

Now, two things that are pretty much invariable throughout “Yesterday Comes Tomorrow” – and in no way this is a belittling note – are, one, the bulk of breakdowns that dwell in this piece; two, the intensity that emanates off the strings and skins at any given moment.

After all, this is a metalcore version of “the repeated fall of a humanity that does not draw lessons from its past” – intense was a mandatory feature.




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