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Abbath – Abbath

Daniel Lemminkainen 18/01/2016 No Comments on Abbath – Abbath


 After the controversial departure from Immortal, Abbath decided to come back with his own band, not in the name of “I” as before, but in his own name which is also, the name of the record. “To War” is the invite with stunning riffs, typically thrash and black metal based, and this form is used and abused by Abbath all along the record as we’ll hear also in “Count the Dead”, “Fenrir Hunts”, and “Eternal”. In terms of production, it blinks an eye to what Immortal have done in the previous 3 records. We can hear the guitar layers very well recorded, and there’s also space for other elements like acoustic guitars, has we’ll hear in “Winter Bane”, and some trumpets on “Ashes of the Damned”. King ov Hell on bass and Creature on drums are the musicians that recorded the album, while Abbath did all the guitars. We have a very straight forward record, a restart for the Norwegian musician, which nowadays is already an icon of the black metal scene, and the long wait for this record totally worth it.




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