Saturday 19th September 2020,
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AION – Verses Of Perdition

AION – Verses Of Perdition


 “Verses Of Perdition” is the debut release of the swiss black metal act AION. This record goes beyond the music its self, it is a spiritual journey through the desert of emotions and pathway that starts with the perdition of the self and ends in unexistence.

The ambience is grim and grey, and it aims to cause a dent in your soul throughout the five tracks, that are nameless, but numbered in a sequence using roman numerals. The intro track is instrumental only, but it is able to set the pace for the ambience of what is to come. It was a sort of theatrical mood that starts with an intro (track I), it develops into action and pain (tracks II and III), followed by the climax of perdition (track IV) and the aftermath which unveils the absence of existence (track V).

Musically speaking, it is an attractive and solid record, with riffs prone to dissonance, which kind of reminds of Deathspell Omega, but with a little less of expression, and requires a bit more time to than a first hearing to get us to unfold and understand the musicality and its meaning. Nevertheless, it’s a good effort, which shows well the group’s potential to stand out in today’s black metal scene.


Words by: Rita Limede



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