Sunday 29th January 2023,
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AIRBOURNE – Breakin’ Outta Hell


 The fourth album of the rock n’roll aussies Airbourne, “Breakin’ Outta Hell”, is the confirmation that these guys don’t know how to make bad records,but also don’t know how to not break the line from the previous ones. In this new studio effort, the band has combined again a heavy dose of sex, drinking, and rock n’roll riffs in the usual party mode that is so characteristic of them. We can hear that the production sounds very alike the previous records, nothing innovating and nothing fancy, just pure rock n’roll sound kickin’ from out of the speaker.

In this new Airbourne musical piece of fun, the listener can hear that songs like “Breakin’ Outta Hell”, “Rivalry”, “Get Back Up”, “It’s Never Too Loud For Me”, “Down On You”, “When I Drink I Go Crazy”, and “Do Me Like You Do Yourself”, are flamboyant moments of typical 80’s AC/DC rock n’roll style, proving that playing around those cords can still work, and it’s a formula that drives the songs forward.

After a few hearings, the listener might get the feeling thatthis album lacks a bit hit, but still, it has a bunch of very competent songs, capable to go live, and definitely will get a lot of rotations to warm up the cold autumn / winter nights that are coming, or do the trick during the festival season.

In the words of Joel (Aibourne’s one and only front man),this record it’s for everybody that’s having a hard time, had a hard week at work, or at university studying. It’s an album with a saying called “World off, music on”, your one-way ticket to get out of reality. It ends with the track “It’s All For Rock N’Roll”, and it’s a fantastic tribute to Lemmy Kilminster.




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