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Daniel Lemminkainen 07/07/2017 No Comments on AJATTARA – Lupaus
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After 6 long years, Ajattara return to activate status to release “Lupaus”. With a career filled with many great records, highly advised to to all fans of extreme music, this might be their best album so far. The band can be defined by their own characteristic sound, that can be found through out this album. They created their own dry and vicious black metal, sick to the core. Nonetheless, when adequate they include enough thrash and mid-tempo elements in their tracks.

Similar to previous albums, the sick voice of Ruoja (who did also guitars and keyboards) was able to pervert the lyrics like only he can do. The riffs of Kalmos and Tartunta lead and drive forward the rampaging songs like “Saatanan sinetti”, “Ristinkirot”, “S.I.N.Ä.”, and “Lupaus”. Highlighting Tohtori Kuolio bass, particularly heavy, on the “Suru” track. In “Amen” and “Ave Satana” the keyboards of Raajat, like coming out of the darkness, explore an epic side never showed before by this band. All album sounds like some kind of devilish orchestration of pure evil.

You can also enjoy some clean vocals in the record, but in general, black metal fans will enjoy the return of one of the most charismatic and underground Finnish black metal band. Those that don’t know the band, this is the best possible presentation of an unique band in its genre. With an increasing number of bands in the genre none manages to sound like Ajattara.



Review by Daniel Lemminkainen
Managing Editor : Elsa Marques



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