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AKERCOCKE – Renaissance In Extremis

Carlos Pereira 14/12/2017 Comments Off on AKERCOCKE – Renaissance In Extremis

It’s been 10 years since the release of “Antichrist”, and now the British band Akercocke is back with a new record named “Renaissance in Extremis”. After an hiatus that lasted from 2012 to 2016, they returned with a new line up. Nathanael Underwood and Sam Loynes, have joined the band as a bass player and keyboardist respectively.

Their new release, “Renaissance in Extremis”, is comprised of nine different songs that amount to 54 minutes total of playtime. In here, Akercocke have presented us something that can be described as a fusion between Progressive and Death Metal music, with a lot of variations and time changes.

One of the aspects that best stands out in this record is the guitar work. The guitarists Paul Scanlan and Jason Mendonça did indeed an excellent job with the guitar riffs and solos. They have presented us with some unforgettable guitar melodies, making this album a little bit on the side of something more progressive and melodic rather than heavy and extreme. Contrary to their previous releases, Jason’s vocals are in their majority on the clean tone instead of growling. Unfortunately this proves to be less positive fact, when the clean vocals sometimes a bit out of place and out of the aimed range.

The tracks “Disappear”, “Inner Sanctum” and “A Particularly Cold September” are the ones that stand out the most, being this record’s most strong arguments. Despite not being a stunning album, after all this waiting time, “Renaissance in Extremis” can be considered a good comeback album for Akercocke. It’s just a good progressive death metal album that Akercocke fans, and progressive metal fans in general, are going to enjoy.


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Review by Carlos Pereira
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