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AMARANTHE – Maximalism

Daniel Lemminkainen 21/11/2016 No Comments on AMARANTHE – Maximalism


At the 4th record “Maximalism”, the Swedish band Amaranthe presents again a risky formula that fuse metal, electronics, and some pop here and there. The listener can expect big choruses, efficient song writing, and voices balanced in between the angelic and the profane.

The production is one of the biggest wins in this album, and that’s what makes it a good listening for those who want to experience new sounds, to have new horizons in music, and of course take at some moments, a dancing step.

Songs like “Maximize”, “Boomerang”, “21”, “On the Rocks”, “Fury”, “Faster”, and “Supersonic”, are great three to three-and-a-half minute range songs, typically radio friendly, but with that kick that with delight the listeners of the band. “That Song” is a pop simple structure track, that might shock some listeners and make others dig the band (probably someone who don’t know this band or don’t listen to metal at all). “Break Down and Cry” is probably one of the best songs the band ever written, mid-tempo, with all the elements perfectly arranged, making the listener instantly recognize that they are listening this band.

This record explores a bit more the melodic side of the group, the synth work, and wants to put the band’s name in the lips and ears of the people around the world. Eventually some will listen to this record without any dazzling, some other might not give it a chance, but one thing is clear in here: this is a good record, for those who know Amaranthe and their past work, and for those who don’t and want to discover new music, apart of the conventional metal.





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