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AMON AMARTH – Jomsviking

Daniel Lemminkainen 25/03/2016 No Comments on AMON AMARTH – Jomsviking


 The most notorious Viking force of metal continues from where they’ve left of in the last album, and present 11 new songs in this concept album called “Jomsviking”. As said, this is a concept album about the Jomsviking, which were a semi-legendary order of Viking mercenaries or brigands of the 10th century and 11th century.

The sound and production follow exactly the same way of work as the last record, and the direction is clearly more into heavy metal with a glimpse of death metal here and there, but with the voice of Johan Hegg always leading the songs forward.

No doubt that with this new record label Sony BMG, things will change a bit in the Viking temple, but the quality that the band present to us, as so many times before, it’s still intact as we’ll hear in songs like “First Kill”, “On A Sea of Blood”, “One Against All”, “Raise Your Horns”, “The Way of Vikings”, and “At Dawn’s First Light”.Another attractive elements are the interesting melodic riff and some symphonic melodies in “One Thousand Burning Arrows”, and Doro Pesch participation in the track “A Dream That Cannot Be”.The record ends in a way the band already used us in previous records, with an epic track called “Back On Northern Shores”.

Olavi Mikkonen and Johan Söderberg continue to write killer riffs which is where the album is more based on, and the drummer chosen for the drum recording was Tobias “Tobben” Gustafsson (Vomitory), after the departure of Fredrik Andersson. Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Testament, Accept) did as the last time, all the producing, mixing and mastering. Only time will tell of this alliance with Sony will make a difference in a good way for the band, but regarding the winning team Amon Amarth + Andy Sneap, that worked so well the last time, why change it if we want a more heavy metal directionright?




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