Tuesday 22nd September 2020,
The Black Planet

An Ocean of Void – The Great Escape

An Ocean of Void - The Great Escape

“The Great Escape” is the first full-length of the Bordeaux-based band An Ocean of Void.

They play an atmospheric prog-metal that should please the genre listeners. Their press release recommends them to fans of Ghost Brigade, Russian Circles, Cult of Luna and Pink Floyd, but while they borrow some space rock moments from Pink Floyd and are somewhat close to Ghost Brigade, they are far from the sonority of Russian Circles and Cult of Luna.
They took three years from their demo to this album, and maybe that’s the reason the songs sound mature, carefully arranged and the ideas are so well executed. The production sounds decent on the quieter moments but doesn’t really pop on the louder parts.

Is a good effort for a first album, but they need to find their voice if they want to be a staple on this genre – they sure seem to have the talent for that.




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