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ANALEPSY – Atrocities From Beyond

“Atrocities From Beyond” is the first Long Play release from the Portuguese band Analepsy. It was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Miguel Tereso of Demigod Recordings. Ten songs compose the LP, which are played in thirty minutes of pure destruction and chaos. We can almost describe it as if a dinosaur had entered your home and destroyed everything around him, that’s how powerful it is.

This limited edition of 1000 copies is one of the big surprises of 2017 coming from Portugal. Amazing blast beats; heavy-riffs, double pedal and slam growl are the most evidence features of this record. But there is time for some melodic solos in “Eons in Vacuum”, “Witnesses of Extinction” and “Engorged Absorption” and two instrumental songs, “Depths of Agony” and  “Omen of Return”.

The guitarist Diogo Santana did a great job in the vocals in this record, his vocals are brutal, low, slam, and sometimes there is a perceptible growl. The lyrics talk about something between aliens and gore. Last but not least, the detail of the industrial samples make a fantastic job. They function almost like a warning for the listener, to watch out for the wave of brutality and musical destruction that lies ahed.

To sum it up, it’s a more than recommended record for any Brutal Death Metal and Slam fan out there, with a powerful production and an amazing performance from the band. If you listen to it one time, you can’t stop listening to this masterpiece afterwards. For a first release, the band has set the bar too high, which may leave us all wondering what to expect from them in the near future.


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Review by Carlos Pereira
Managing Editor: Rita Limede / Elsa Marques 



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