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ARCH ENEMY – Will to Power

Daniel Lemminkainen 18/09/2017 No Comments on ARCH ENEMY – Will to Power

Arch Enemy

The new album of Arch Enemy is kept in the same line of work as their predecessors, as we can hear in this new opus of rebellion “Will To Power”. Alissa White-Gluz debuted as singer of the band in 2014 participating in the “War Eternal” album. With everything to prove in a band with this magnitude and filling in Angela Gossow “shoes” the reaction of the fans couldn’t be better. This new work on the other side represents the debut of Jeff Loomis on rhythm guitar duties. The album shows the band’s natural talent to write songs with attitude, anger, and the feeling of hope one can rise against every day struggles.

The listener will also testify Michael Amott’s brilliant guitar work, who also produced the record together with the drummer Daniel Erlandsson. Songs like “The Race”, “Blood in the Water”, “The World Is Yours”, “The Eagle Flies Alone”, “Reason to Believe” (where Alissa combines growlings with her talented clean voice), “Murder Scene”, “Dreams of Retribution” (with the participation of Jens Johansson on the Harpsichord), and “A Fight I Must Win”, are the best examples of what the listener can find here: good structured riffs with nice guitar melodies and solos.

Jens Bogren mixed and mastered an album that will definitely leave Arch Enemy fans satisfied. Some of this songs seem totally shaped to go live, a place where this band proved to gain a new life. One can say Arch Enemy on stage feels like fish in the water.


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Review by Daniel Lemminkainen
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