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ASPHYX – Incoming Death

Daniel Lemminkainen 19/10/2016 No Comments on ASPHYX – Incoming Death


 Four years after the last release, the kings of Dutch death metal Asphyx, and one of the most influent bands in the genre, are back with “Incoming Death”. Maintaining the same production, and their typical death / doom sound, they have composed a great exercise of extreme music that the listener and fans of the band, will find extremly interesting, as this is one of the best albums in the genre that we’ve heard this year.

With guitars and bass engineered at the Mörser Studio, drums and vocals recorded in Tom Meier Studio, songs like “Candiru”, “Division Brandenburg”, “Wardroid”, “The Feeder”, the ultra-fast “Incoming Death”, “Forerunners of the Apocalypse”, and “Wildland Fire”, will delight the old school death metal listeners, showing that the band kept the same riffing composing style that works so well with leaded by the voice of Martin Van Drunen.

Although slow moments like “The Grand Denial”, and “Subterra Incognita”, are great examples of what a doom band should sound, as it transports the listener to the most apocalyptic scenario, a thing that this band had always with them. With Paul Baayens on guitars, AlwinZuur on bass, and Stefan Hüskens on drums, the listener will heard that this formation didn’t composed anything innovating, but they’ve sure, recorded something that we’ll hear a lot of times, and definitely will makes us feel that old school death metal is one of those forces that is the base of a lot of extreme music, and Asphyx had contributed to that.

Mastered and mixed by Dan Swanö at Unisound in Örebro, Sweden, the album ends with a great death / doom moment called “Death: the Only Immortal”.Prepare your necks because this is pure metal adrenaline.




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