Saturday 25th May 2024,
The Black Planet

At The Gates – At War With Reality


In a year that is marked by the return of some of sacred monsters of Swedish death metal like Entombed and Bloodbath, At The Gates didn’t want to stay behind and finally the new album “At War With Reality” saw the light of day, after successful tours since 2008 around the world. The sound is quite modern, but it still got the same good old feeling when you hear a death metal album. It fulfills, shreds, and it has all what we could expect from a band like this with technical guitar solos here and here, not too much, that don’t hide in any moment the dirty riffs and the voice. Everything comes out naturally, and I’m sure songs like Death and The Labyrinth, At War With Reality, The Circular Ruins, Heroes and Tombs, and The Conspiracy of The Blind will wreck many necks, including mine! Looking forward to see one of my favorite death metal bands again on the road in a very near future!

Words by: Daniel Lemminkainen



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