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ATROX – Monocle

Elsa Marques 02/09/2017 No Comments on ATROX – Monocle

“Monocle” is the anticipated Atrox album set for release by Dark Essence Records on September 8th, 2017.

The album opens with the track “Mass”, which immediately prepares you for the introspective and adventurous journey this album will lead you into. The vocals are clean yet energetic and powerful, giving the music the power sought by the enthusiast of heavier music genres. The opening track itself combines some interesting jazz elements surrounded by fast and strong beats.

“Vacuum”, “Heat” and “For We Are Many” are also tracks that deserve a highlight. They bring a certain chaos to the album. A chaotic atmosphere that will embrace the listener right after the first moments. As these tracks progress, the rhythm becomes clearer and all lyrics fit perfectly into their melodies. The ominous keyboards in “Finger” provide the defining tone for this particular song that might be the best exemple of the progressive elements of this band. This track “inconsistent” changes in rhythm hang you in suspense awaiting for what comes next. While “Suicide days” is probably the mellower track from the album, “Movie” is a super catchy kind of rebel kick ass song, with maybe more controversial lyrics.

When you get to the last track of the album “Target” you are already fully embedded in the album and all vocals as well as lyrics seem to flow smoother than the first ones. This is not only due to your adaptation to this musical genre but also as the result of the built-in climax resulting from a well planned and recorded album.

Note that in this record the lyrics are something you should really pay attention. The messages are clear and on point, and due to the clear vocals easier to follow, all perfectly fitting the music they integrate.

In conclusion, this is definitely a band and album that needs to mature in you before you really appreciate the whole spectrum of elements presented here. You should give it a couple of spins before making your judgment, specially if you are not a fan of their particular musical genre.

8 / 10

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Text by Elsa Marques
Managing Editor: Elsa Marques / Filipe Gomes



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