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BALFOR – Serpents Of The Black Sun

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From Kiev (Ukraine), Balfor band defines themselves as “Barbaric Black Metal in honor to the history of their motherland”. They are rising to rampage and destroy everything with their third album “Black Serpent Rising”. The band includes members of Khors, Raventale or ex-Hate Forest. The band ended a 7-year-long hiatus in terms of new full length releases, making this album a highly expected one.

The opening track of this album, “Serpents of the Black Sun”, will quickly drag the listener into the barbaric warrior stories. The album mixes melodic death metal with black metal, resulting in an incredible arrangement of extremes, changing between aggression and melody, especially notable in “Among the Fallen Ones”. Thorgeir’s clean vocals allied to the melodic passages are like a metaphor between the hopelessness of a chaotic battle versus the feeling of hope for the rise of the fallen.

“Unbounded Wrath of Venom”, being a fast and heavy track, will focus the listener’s attention on the dark atmospheric moments present. Those moments instigate more tension as a folkloric female vocal, similar to some clean songs of Masha Arkhipova (Arkona) show up.

Finally, an epic symphonic solo guitar performed by Astaroth announces the imminent closure to this album. With the album’s most interesting song, “Heralds of the Fall”, the final hour is set. The battle cries begin and culminate the aggressiveness with an epic melody. With the chorus of combatants and the beat of the drums, the listener feels the arrival of the final moment, which ends with a chorus of warriors followed by marching drum beats. This isn’t the only amazing track of the album. This results in a perfect reenactment of dark and battleground scenarios.

Overall, this new Balfor album is very solid, well composed and will create a great impact, for sure.


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Review by Melissa Poseyydon
Managing Editor : Elsa Marques / Mutiilator



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  1. Rui Gonçalves 19/04/2017 at 14:38

    Muito boa Critica ao novo trabalho de Balfor que está excelente sem duvida! Obrigado pelo apoio // Great review on the latest work of Balfor, an excelent album in fact! Thanks for your support!

    • Mutiilator 19/04/2017 at 14:57

      Thank you for commenting! You’re welcome! Keep in touch!

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